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  1. Tray 7

    by , 04-09-2013 at 12:58 PM (My Invisalign Journey (aka my 2nd time around with braces))
    Tray 6 was such an easy tray. No problem going on, no problem taking off. Just an easy comfortable time. Boy, do I miss Tray 6! Tray 7 was very difficult to put on. This tray is starting to move my jacked up left canine (upper) and, man-oh-man, do I feel it!!! The only way I could get the tray on was to bite on a chewie. It finally clicked into place (after feeling like my attachments were going to rip off). Lower tray was a piece of cake, thankfully!

    I'm happy to report ...

    Updated 04-09-2013 at 09:15 PM by SopranoKris

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  2. Newbie - what did I do

    Day 6 is finally getting tolerable. I've been forcing myself to start chewing on tougher foods than overcooked pasta. Day 1-
    very sad. I kept thinking, what did I do, what did I do. I've been talking to everyone and they all keep encouraging me that it will get better and I'm finally noticing a difference. Only 17+ months to go:disgust:

    Couple things I've learned:
    * Take 2 Advil 1 hour, prior to any adjustments
    * Have soft foods ready after adjustment, but ...
  3. Tray 3

    I started tray 3 today and they are somewhat tight. I have not notice a difference in my teeth but I am sure something is going on.:encouragement:
  4. Day 3!

    Well, today was the first day at work with a metal mouth. Some people new I was getting them, some people didnt. The people who didn't know would talk to me and I would be apprehensive to talk back to them but obviously I did! A few people stared at my mouth like I had some kind of fungus in my teeth, and it annoyed me even more when they didn't say anything about them and just stared like I didn't notice they were looking or something.

    It is going to be like the first day again ...
    Tags: braces, staring, wax, work
  5. Tray 7/ week 13

    Hey guys,

    It's been a while since I gave an update so here it is! All I can say is so far so good. I'm currently wearing invisalign on my front 4 (upper and lower) and traditional braces everywhere else. I have been swapping my trays every two weeks and getting my brackets tightened once a month. I'm currently on tray 7 and, according to my ortho, everything is going as planned. The gaps from my pre-molar extraction sites have closed by a few millimeters and my cross bite is almost ...

    Updated 04-06-2013 at 11:19 PM by nikobam

  6. Tray 12

    by , 04-06-2013 at 09:34 PM (Take Two: My Second Go at a Straighter Smile)
    Well, I'm a few days late in posting, but I've been busy. Between school, craziness at work, preparing for a dance event next week, and life in general, I haven't had a chance to compose something for you all.

    I changed to Tray 12 after dinner Tuesday night. The next morning, my teeth were sore, but (as you may have seen in a forum post), the tooth with the messed up attachment hurt significantly more than any other teeth, hurt more than any tooth since starting Invisalign, and ...
  7. 6th adjustment

    I had my 6th adjustment yesterday 4-4-13 and it went very very well. I got a thicker wire on the top and I think they are straightening up very nicely. The bottoms are still being difficult. I now have a spring in between two teeth to force them apart to create space for the turned tooth to fit. The best news of all is that I don't have to wear elastics during the day just at night!! This could mean that I might not need to have the ginormous springs after all!! I almost peed a little when the ortho ...
  8. I did it!!

    Today I got my brackets, top wire and 6 of those AWFUL spacers on my lower teeth lol.

    I was SO nervous going in but then I spoke to the Ortho and I was ok. it all happened so fast! lol I got a little pack with wax, special fluoride tooth paste, lip balm and instruction notes on how to brush and what not to eat. I chose SILVER ligs :) i think they look ok. I am actually happy with how they look as I was really scared of that.

    I am feeling alot of pressure on my top ...
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  9. Fourteen is...

    • Fourteen is the natural number following 13 and preceding 15.
    • Fourteen is a composite number, its divisors being 1, 2, 7 and 14.
    • It is the atomic number of silicon.
    • The approximate atomic weight of nitrogen.
    • The number of pieces the body of Osiris was torn into by his fratricidal brother Set.
    • The number of days in a fortnight.
    • The jersey number of TOMAS PLEKANEC of the Montreal Canadiens.

    ... and the number of different sets of plastic ...
  10. You know what it is!

    Final tray! In the mouth!

    What i didn't cover in the video was that it was just like any other appt, i went in. Got my final trays, we had a bit of a mini celebration being the final ones. I told him about my canine not exactly straight and the black triangles. He said we will do refinements and IPR will fix it up. I also explained that i feel we can do better, he agreed. You can clearly see (not from the video, they look amazing) if you want to be real nit picky that its not a straight ...

    Updated 06-02-2014 at 08:38 AM by Thomas_9

  11. Anxious...

    Ok, so three days till I get my brackets on and I am freaking out.

    I am anxious and scared and maybe a TINY bit excited but its more like 80% scared and 20% excited lol. I think its cos I have had to wait so long. ALSO i have a party to go to on the weekend and I would of been ok to go if I had had all my archwire in etc, but I am just getting the brackets and the archwire goes in next Wednesday so i feel like I will just look like my teeth have bits of metal on but no wire and I ...
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  12. Week One down

    After one week I am feeling better about this. I did experience pain for the first 5 days and am still stressing that I am going to pop one of the attachments off while taking the trays off. :uncomfortableness:
    I have been on a Stay-cation this last week and have been out to eat and don't like the taking them out in some of the public restrooms but am starting to learn some of the things I should carry at all times. Like Baby wipes. I know if I have them I can wipe any counter down or put ...
  13. Lucky/Unlucky #13 + Tray Mixup!

    I had my Invisalign appointment today. Started tray 13, which is going super well!

    However, I got out to my car and decided to look at trays 14 and 15. Normally I wait until I get home, but something made me look at them before I left the parking lot today. Well, when I opened up the packet for tray 15, I found two top trays! I walked back inside to ask about it, and since I'm missing the bottom 15 tray, I'm skipping that one in a few weeks.

    54.5% complete! :)
  14. How? Or what?

    Okay so in two days I am getting my bottom braces on and I have no idea how they are going to get them on my teeth because my teeth are so close together and one or my teeth is way behind all of the others so does anyone know how or what they are going to do to get my braces on[ATTACH=CONFIG]4053[/ATTACH]
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  15. Update!

    I've been lazy about updates, because my adjustments are so minor. here's my update from today! my orthodontist is moving on in June, and is hopeful he will deband before he leaves! Even the senior adviser agreed! whoop! my original sentence was 2 years, and i may be done in 1.5! Wedding is in 6 months, so my goal was to have them off before September! looking like its going to be reality!
    10-197295F8-131389-800.jpg10-5ED39154-396915-800.jpg10-B2479348-1191769-800.jpg10-C9F9E816-15950-800.jpg10-B2479348-1191769-800.jpg10-C29407BB-9606-800.jpg ...

    Updated 03-27-2013 at 10:46 PM by NarcoAngel

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