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  1. Seriously can't wait to get this process officially started.

    Brackets have been on for a month, and teeth were pulled 3 weeks ago. Seriously cannot wait until Wednesday to get my official wires on and tightened. My teeth have been hitting each other constantly. I have been accidentally hitting my chin on things and consequently hitting my top teeth feeling like I knocked them loose. At night, I can't sleep because I am clenching my teeth together, resulting in sore front teeth because my 1st pre molars prevented this which are no longer there.
  2. I'm back and brace-free!

    I finally got my braces off on 29th December, just in time for the new year :D I smile every time I see a mirror now. It wasn't that nice getting them off though...

    There was quite a lot of strain on my teeth as each bracket was prised off, then a fun test of endurance as my ortho polished my newly naked teeth. That wasn't so bad I guess. But then the most enjoyable part of all... the moulds. Now bare in mind I had both my jaws broken and my wisdom teeth removed in August. So when ...
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  3. Happy New Year... oh yeah and my rubber band...

    Ok I wrote a big blog post but it got erased so gotto start again.

    Happy New Year and hope everyone had a good Christmas!

    Ok now to the real post lol!

    I have a band on my left side which goes from the inside of the last lower molar to the outside of the last upper molar. This is done with the help of a bracket on the inside of the last lower molar. This bracket hurts my tongue especially when eating!

    So I have been putting Brace Guard (a ...
  4. Dry socket...gaaah!!!

    I had a dry socket and it drove me crazy for 4 days because i didn't visit my dentist. I did't know it was a dry socket and thought the pain is normal for extractions. My dentist explained it happened because the clot had removed because I drank through straws....its ok now and my dentist had a lot of trouble taking off the filling he put in the gap to let it heal...
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  5. It broke off....!!!

    I was having dinner and the metal part on which the wire was bent on that had my molars fixed in place so they won't move broke off!
    The wire also loosened and the dentist said it won't matter much because I haven't had any tightening-ups yet and said he would tell about it to my ortho. My teeth are all straight now and it didn't take more than 3weeks for that. But the extraction gaps are still BIG !!!
  6. I have an impacted canine....

    Hi my names Abbie, i am 15 years old

    I have been found to have an impacted canine on my left side, and my appointment to have it down with a gold chain has finally come through.
    But i haven't got braces on yet which is a bit of a pain, and i am afraid that it is really going to hurt when i have my mould done, because the mould will go in the hole that the chain is coming from....has anyone got the same problem as me...i am really scared.x :wave:
  7. 16 Months!

    It's been a while since my last post! November was boring, and nothing changed much (just some minor tweaks by my perfectionist ortho), but this month has been more eventful. I had my first December appointment on 12/15, where my ortho decided that one of my bottom teeth needed to be turned slightly. He couldn't get the spring on it the normal way, so we had to MacGyver it a little. We also discovered that another one of my bottom brackets was busted. Of course, the one next to my original busted ...
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  8. Night

    Ok so I cant believe I haven't mentioned this, but I dread going to bed since two weeks ago. My front teeth have shifted in a way thay makes closing my teeth painful. I tend to clench my teeth at night so I tried temporary fixes such as putting a q tip across my bite. That worked the first night, but then I woke up and some teeth were sore.

    Then I tried biting on a towel at night. That helped, but of course that meant my mouth was open and my teetn were dry waking up.

  9. wires broke off

    Ha, my upper back molar wires came off. Luckily, I am still due for my first real adjustment in a week, they said it wouldn't matter if I just pulled the wire out of the last bracket and waited until next week.

    My extraction sites are healing nicely now. I was worried about one socket, thinking I had dry socket. I went in thinking I had dry socket, and they treated it but were not positive I had it. Its healing now.

    Updated 01-02-2012 at 02:54 PM by NarcoAngel

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  10. Green Tea for your teeth protection!

    Having healthy and strong teeth is the desired by all persons. Teeth are meant to last us for our lifetime. To ensure we have clean and white teeth, we look for ways such as using the best toothpaste products, mouth cleansers, dental flosses, and rinsing agents.

    One of the main concerns about the health of your teeth is plaque. Plaque is the invisible masses of harmful germs that live in the mouth and stick on the teeth. The longer the plaque stays on your teeth, the more damage they ...
  11. Boring adjustment...

    Welp, I had my adjustment today. Not too much has changed. She did something funky with the existing wires, but it wasn't too bad putting them back in .. which was fantastic! She stated that everything looks good, yay! But, that the rest of the movement is my bottom teeth and how quick the elastics work and how well I am disciplined with wearing them. They're pulling my back teeth forward? I'll take a picture in a bit .. I'm still stuck with the molar buildups. No big deal. They're just there right ...
  12. Engaged!

    OK, so this is not a braces post, but my boyfriend proposed last friday night. Is it sad that all I could think was, "why now?" I have wanted this engagement to happen for 2 years, but now all I can think about is, how I don't want to get married in braces!
  13. One Week

    I've had my braces on for one week now and I've got 19 months and 3 weeks to go! They are settling down a bit now but I am still a bit depressed about having them on. I know it was my decision but I have been putting it off for over 10 years and it should be over and done with by now :(

    I am just missing eating normal food, and because I have a really big sweet tooth I am desperately missing chocolate/ sweets and the like. I'm just going to have to find some sugar free hard sweets ...
  14. Teeth keep hitting... PAINFUL!!

    Ok, my lower teeth keep banging my upper tooth, and it is PAINFUL when this happens. I do it nearly every time I talk, or when my jaw clenches. I am scared my teeth are going to chip or break.
  15. happy birthday to me and a broken bracket

    So today is my birthday and I woke up to find a bracket had became uncemented. This is now number to so I will be going to ortho tmrw morning at 8:45. Also has anyone had a painful expirence with a molar bracket??? it feels like some of the bite on the back broke off and my gum and tooth is so sensitive. Not to be confused though I am still in surgical hooks and wires, as I have my consult next month 1/10.
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