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  1. 2 years later: progress pictures

    Quote Originally Posted by Boira View Post
    Hello all,
    It's been ages since my last post or blog update. Two years have passed without even noticing and I'm extremely happy with the results so far.
    The lower arch was complicated: 60 trays, no less. And that's without the refinements that surely will come later. It needed a mid course correction but things are right on track and I want to share it with you all.

    I don't remember what sipping coffee at work is anymore, or going out without worrying about how long
  2. Second Adjustment!

    Today I had my second adjustment! I got two new wires, top and bottom, nice and thick lol, well from the first one on the top anyway. I think the orthodontist said they were both 0.6 but i have no idea, i really should listen when he is talking to his assistant instead of thinking "PLEASE DONT PULL MY TEETH OUT!" lol.

    I got Lilac ligs, in person, they dont look much different to the baby pink ones :( but in pics, they come up really nice.

    Here are some progress ...
  3. Tray 25(:

    Can't believe I am already on tray 25. Wow time really does fly. In two weeks I go in for a few more attachments (on my front teeth, etc) and get five more trays. Only ten more to go! This is crazy. I couldn't be happier. I know I'll need refinements but the progress I've seen already is more than enough to be grateful for. Can't wait to see what they look like after the last set, never mind after refinements.
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  4. First Adjustment!

    Yep! Already 5 weeks down! lol. It seems to have gone slow though and I had been waiting for my first adjustment for what seemed forever! lol

    It wasn't really painful, more just pressure when the ortho was taking the ligs off the teeth and also putting them back on. Its like he knew which tooth would cause me pain as when I made a "arghh" and he would go "yes i thought so!" lol.

    I got a new thicker wire on the bottom, but kept the same wire on top, ...
  5. tray 18 with pics /:

    Still don't feel comfortable with my teeth but after looking at my before and after I feel so much better. Moments ago when I switched into my 18th tray I was kind of upset. For my bottom teeth I am only suppose to have 19 trays, leaving me with 4 weeks until they should be complete but I don't think that is going to happen. I mean who knows but just stinks. I know refinements are common but I have 35 trays for my top teeth and I'm almost positive they wait until my whole mouth is done to do refinements, ...

    Updated 03-05-2013 at 06:31 PM by tiffany

    Progress , Getting Started , Need Advice , Countdowns , Pictures
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  6. Tray 1...Week 2 The Lisp and Other Adventures.

    So...here I am at the beginning of Week 2 with Tray 1. I'll be honest. When I walked out of the orthodontist's office last week, I cried. Then I looked in the mirror. Then I cried some more.

    That first week was brutal. It takes a lot of getting used to. I have two plastic trays in my mouth for 22 hours a day and they feel HUGE. I feel like my teeth are in a plastic prison. They were really bad teeth. They deserve to be punished. This week, I don't feel so claustrophobic with them ...
  7. Tomorrow is the BIG day!!! My de-banding!!!! Woohoo!



    I'm excited (read: extremely, absolutely, 100% freaking ecstatic!) and nervous at the same time. I have heard stories of people with braces having white marks on their teeth after they get their braces off. I think I did a good job of cleaning my teeth while in braces, but a part of me is nervous about the stains!

    My teeth, IMO, look great. They are very straight, my upper teeth aren't slanted anymore, and my bite ...
  8. 2 week update (with tons of PICS!!!) on my blog!

    So I wanted to see if there was any progress the past 2 weeks since my orthodontist mad a TON of tweaks on my wires and I have a new elastic configuration with smaller rubber bands.

    I'm happy to report that there was a LOT of progress!! Check out my progress pics on my BLOG!

    My teeth are even, gaps are closing, and I'm almost done! Hopefully my next adjustment in 2 weeks will bring me some good news :-)
  9. Progress

    Thanks to all of you guys, I've been taking progress pictures. Thanks for the advice :)
    Anyways, I've had my braces on since July 10th. So I've had them on for a total of a month and 21 days.
    My next appointment is September 10th. I'm hoping they'll make a decision on when to put on my bottom braces. I'm not looking forward to my bottom teeth being sore. I've heard that the pain is worse than the top. Oh well, the sooner I get them on, the sooner I get them off!
    Anywho, Here's ...
    Pictures , Progress
  10. Invisalign - Tray 10

    First thing I want to say is....DOUBLE DIGITS!!! yay! :) Anyway....

    ....I'm currently on day 3 of tray 10, and I have to say that this tray has been one of the easiest, if not, THE easiest tray so far. *touch wood* this continues...

    I went back to my ortho on Tuesday night and tray 10 went in with no problems. As I didn't have to get up at the crack of dawn on Wednesday morning (as I've got this week off work), it meant that I got almost 15 consecutive hours of aligner ...
  11. Invisalign - Tray 7

    So another couple of weeks has passed by, and here I am, 5 days into my 7th set of aligners. I'm still very happy with my progress...

    What can I update you on?...hmm...

    Well, I 'survived' my first holiday while undergoing treatment. I was quite anxious about this, as I wasn't sure how I'd cope with having to floss/brush/rinse in toilet's in the airport/restaurants etc, but I did it (yay). I still maintained my high level of discipline and kept my aligners on every day ...
  12. Week 82 - 11th Adjustment WITH PICS!!!! :)

    via my blog @ http://dswiz.blogspot.com/

    I went to my 11th adjustment today and my ortho was happy about my gaps being closed! Now he is going to work on closing my open bite on the right side. He put a thicker wire on top (yay....) and made some kinks in my upper and lower wire to try and bring my teeth together. My upper teeth should come down a little and my lower teeth need to come up a little. I hope these wires work their magic fast!

  13. Week 76 - WITH PICS!

    via my BLOG!

    Went to my adjustment today (15 minutes late and I literally RAN out my door lol) and my teeth are "almost there" according to my orthodontist. Good news... I guess? Here's what you've been waiting for... pictures!

    Double power chain! Yikes!

    They added a double power chain to my top 6 teeth. You can kind of see ...

    Updated 04-12-2012 at 05:48 PM by lightskinnnn38

    Adjustments , Pictures , Progress , Final Stages
  14. Ugh. D:

    Went to the mall today! /)*3*(\ Ate some Subway, and I really don't think my braces liked that. XD Lmfao.
    Have a new appointment April 24th. :party: Can't wait! :3

    Oh, and I have an unusual gap in between my top front teeth. D:

    Any advice on how this came to be? :c

    What my teeth look like right now:

  15. 10 weeks into the journey.... and im still alive!!

    It has been around 10 weeks since i last updated my journey... mainly because i couldn't get onto the site...... so i thought i would give a quick update.

    Firstly, i have seen a great amount of movement and have been amazed at how quickly they moved in the first month, and how they continued to move in the last week!
    I had incredibly crooked teeth and a very bad (well i thought it was) overbite. And being 6ft 3", most people have to look up to talk to me and the gap ...
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