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  1. My Journey with Braces 8 months in!

    Not too sure how many people actually read this blogsite anymore but I have thus far documented my journey at the blog address below:


    all the highs and lows through my journey!
  2. 2 week update (with tons of PICS!!!) on my blog!

    So I wanted to see if there was any progress the past 2 weeks since my orthodontist mad a TON of tweaks on my wires and I have a new elastic configuration with smaller rubber bands.

    I'm happy to report that there was a LOT of progress!! Check out my progress pics on my BLOG!

    My teeth are even, gaps are closing, and I'm almost done! Hopefully my next adjustment in 2 weeks will bring me some good news :-)
  3. Reflection

    As it's coming down to the wire (no pun intended lol) with my braces journey I went to my braces blog and started looking at some of my old pictures.

    Have any of you that are close to being done looked at your past pictures and were like: OMGDEARLORDWTFWEREWRONGWITHMYTEETH??!!? Because that's how I feel right now LOL And to think I actually thought my teeth looked OKAY back then *SMH*

    I have to say, whoever invented braces is a GENIUS! A freaking miracle worker! It's ...
    Tags: blog, progress
    Pictures , Progress , Off Topic
  4. New blog post w/ pictures! 48 weeks :)

    New blog post!! I have a couple pictures showing off my current teeth alignment. Check it out!

    Tags: blog, progress
    Pictures , Progress
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