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  1. Tray 4-refinements

    On tray four of my refinements. My teeth hurt, so it must be working. I have to admit, refinements aren't as fun as the original treatment was. At the beginning I could notice the slightest improvements but not I barely can tell anything, aside from the slight pain. At the end of the month I go to get my 6th tray plus a few more. I'm not sure if I'll get more IPRs or what. I can't believe I have a whole year more of this. So strange. My teeth were so bad before and I had 35 trays and now that they're ...
  2. Moving on to Tray 4

    I switched to tray 4 last night. Everything clipped in very nicely. When i woke up this morning, the top left half of my mouth hurt so i'm assuming thats where most of the shifting is taking place. I've been trying really hard not to chew off my nails when my aligners come out. I'm thankful for my efforts because it was alot easier to take the trays out this morning lol. I really hope to start seeing changes soon, especially on the bottom. Other than that, things are great and i have no complaints ...
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  3. Invisalign - Tray 4

    Hi folks! :)

    I went back to the ortho on Tuesday to go for my bi-weekly progress check up and to get my 4th set of trays fitted. I can hardly believe I'm already on my 4th set! Before Invisalign, I thought 2 weeks was a long time, but now, 2 weeks seems to fly by. My appointment lasted all of 10 minutes, which is a good thing in my books. And the most exciting thing happened....after I removed my 3rd aligners, my ortho checked my teeth, and he said that he can already see that my ...

    Updated 05-06-2012 at 05:31 PM by Emeraldeyes21

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