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  1. I don't even know how to feel about this...

    My orthodontist just passed away. Literally the worst news I have ever heard. Not only was he super nice and hilarious but he was the best invisalign orthodontist in the northeast, if not in the united states. I donít even know how to reaact to this. Iím on tray 30 of 35 and who knows if Iíll need refinements. But I donít want anyone to touch my mouth but him): Iím paying 7,000 dollars for him because he is the best. They said weíd all continue receiving great care but Iím probably going to vomit/cry ...
  2. Well it is safe to say...

    A little off topic of my invisalign journey but it is safe to say I was definitely a newbie at this site! haha I literally just learned that people had commented on my earlier post and just commented back after months. Wow, I feel dumb. Also I just learned how to reply to a comment instead of posting a whole new one. Oh well! Hope everyone is enjoying their invisalign experience (:
  3. Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!

    by , 01-17-2013 at 05:58 PM (Take Two: My Second Go at a Straighter Smile)
    The East Coast of the States is getting hit with some winter weather! At around 3:00pm (EST), the rain - that we've been dealing with all week - turned into snow! Apparently the storm's name is "Iago" (why they're naming winter storms now is beyond me!). Anyway, I decided to share some photos I took! Nothing too exciting, but it is the first snow of the year!

    Took this while I was still at work, soon after it started (before it really started to stick and mess up the ...
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  4. Guest Room Furniture

    by , 01-12-2013 at 12:42 AM (Take Two: My Second Go at a Straighter Smile)
    In my last post, Millenia was curious as to the furniture behind me in my video. So, I took a few pictures of the piece as well as the matching furniture...

    The longer dresser, with hutch and mirror. My nickname is Penguin... hence all the penguins.

    The shorter dresser with hutch.


    Anyway, nothing too exciting with the Invisalign ...
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  5. A blog because i want to blog.

    So, this blog is going to include lots of things. It's just a big old vent i want to express about my teeth and life in general.

    I'll get started with my teeth since thats why we're here. Tray 8 has been in for 5 days now (well, 6 because its 12:30 at night) and it has finally settled down today. The past 4 days have been horrific. This is probably because tray 7 was a dud and its safe to say we pretty much skipped it. I'd say my teeth have done A LOT of moving, as my front gap is ...

    Updated 01-11-2013 at 07:57 PM by Thomas_9

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  6. Tray 8!

    Flying through these things arent it? Haha. Well, tray 7 was a factory error where it was not moulded properly. So, tray 7 only lasted a week...So we skipped ahead to tray 8.

    So, here's a very badly made video, its a phone one. BUT, I TAKE YOU TO THE BEACH! Whoever is next HAS to take me somewhere.


    Yes, tray 8 has to stay in for 3 weeks since we skipped 4 days of tray 6 as well. We thought it was best that they could have ...

    Updated 01-07-2013 at 07:15 AM by Thomas_9

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  7. 10 Random Things About Me

    by , 01-01-2013 at 10:25 PM (Take Two: My Second Go at a Straighter Smile)
    Susan started the trend of random things, though she did it 7 with a video. Since I've been pretty sick the past few days, I don't have the energy for a video. So I will make up for it by doing an even number of ten :)

    1. I have two cats, Zoe (a calico; turns 10 years old this month!) and Wally (orange tabby; 4 1/2 years old). They have their quirks and things that annoy me, and they're very different from each other, but they're my "cat babies" and can't imagine life ...

    Updated 01-01-2013 at 10:33 PM by hollins2007 (wanted better pictures of the cats!)

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  8. Camp for the Adolescent Leader

    Hello Interweb (I'll love you if you get the reference) it's been awhile once again; because I've been away at Camp, not just any camp, a Student Council Camp. Mhm, I'm in a council committee, in the words of many students, I am the school's dog. I see no pride in being in a position above my fellow peers, but take the opportunity not to let power go to my head.

    The Camp was run by a very lively group of trainers, who have made a significant impact on our group; at least they think ...
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  9. Routine and habit!

    So i've had Invisalign for over a month now, so i think its time that i've figured out a routine. So i thought i would share it! Share yours if you want in the comments. I love to read!

    When i wake up, i take them out as soon as i can drag myself out of bed. I put them in a bath of Polident and Listerine. It works brilliantly to clean them up. I then go away and have breakfast and get ready for the day. Normally they are in the bath for about 30 minutes. I then brush and clean it ...
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  10. Pain and Prejudice

    It's only been about 2 days since these painful torture devices have been implanted in my mouth. They must be used to keep adolescent teens like myself in order, or keep me quiet. I got them done on Monday. It was about an hour of having a dentist mutilate my mouth with dental equipment. What made matters worse was he kept telling me I had a small mouth, and that he needed to use children's clamps on me. (Very embarrassing for a 14 year old girl strapped down on a chair)

    It was pure ...
  11. Honda Civic recall publicized due to headlight wiring problem

    A Honda Civic recall, for the 2002 and 2003 model years, has been publicized. The recall also includes the 2004 to 2005 Honda Pilot SUV. The recall is because of a fault in the headlight wiring, which can trigger low-beams to stop operating. Are you trying to buy or sell a used or new [URL="http://www.cardealexpert.com/news-information/fyi/gus-johnson-ford-172-2/"]Spokane Ford Ranger[/URL]? If this seems like you, donít go any place else before you check out CarDealExpert.com.
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  12. Reflection

    As it's coming down to the wire (no pun intended lol) with my braces journey I went to my braces blog and started looking at some of my old pictures.

    Have any of you that are close to being done looked at your past pictures and were like: OMGDEARLORDWTFWEREWRONGWITHMYTEETH??!!? Because that's how I feel right now LOL And to think I actually thought my teeth looked OKAY back then *SMH*

    I have to say, whoever invented braces is a GENIUS! A freaking miracle worker! It's ...
    Tags: blog, progress
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  13. It was his way of saying there's a higher

    The only time that we win is when we come together. In 1960, John Kennedy, the late John Kennedy, beat Richard Nixon by only 112,000 votes -- less than one vote [url=http://wouassipedia.com/jcow/index.php?p=blogs/viewstory/317171]http://wouassipedia.com/jcow/index.php?p=blogs/viewstory/317171[/url]  per precinct. He won by the margin of our hope. He brought us together. He reached out. He had the courage to defy his advisors and inquire about Dr. King's jailing in Albany, Georgia. ...
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  14. Relief for muscle and joint pain

    Itís normal as we grow older to begin to feel joint pains and aches. It means youíve had a great life and youíve used your body well. But discomfort doesnít have to be your reward. Here are a few recommendations for helping alleviate joint pain. Learn more here: [URL="http://naturesbalance.com/2730/aches-and-pains/"]Dealing with aches and pains[/URL]

    [B]Getting the kinks out[/B]

    Readers and computer users in particular will be able to relate to the experiencing ...
    Tags: aches, arthritis
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  15. Back again... with an infection

    Yeah, it's dampened my mood a bit...

    I've been on holiday with my family, and they commented on how my face seemed disproportionately swollen. I had felt a little pain, but I assumed this was still normal in the first year after surgery. However, I had a dentist appointment today and thought I'd better say something.

    So I told him I've been experiencing a few pains and he asked me whether it hurt as he was examining it. It didn't really so I said no. He had a poke around ...
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