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Incognito Braces - My experiences

I hope to update all of you on my experience with Incognito Braces through the next 24 months.

  1. It's been 18 months!!

    So it has been about 18 months and there has been quite a bit of movement. The spaces where my teeth were extracted are still open so today my orthodontist put some "buttons" on the outside of my teeth and attached a chain to the spaces so that they will close faster. She said that my treatment time was 30 months so I still have a long way to go! She could tell I am getting impatient so that's why she is putting the chains and buttons to make it go faster

    Anyway today ...
  2. 9 Months In

    Had an orthodontist appointment yesterday and had a thicker wire put in behind my teeth at the top. Also had a bunch of other stuff done in my mouth which has made my teeth and gums VERY sore for the past couple of days. Actually, they are probably more sore than they have ever been. The spaces where the teeth were pulled are closing now and there is little space left at the top and bottom. The orthodontist said that the next month until my other appointment, my teeth are gonna retract (Since ...
  3. 5 months in

    Just had my wires adjusted.
    it's pretty sore now but I'm hoping it goes away after a couple days as usual.

    the progress is pretty amazing, my dentist even called another dentist to come look because of how well it is all coming.
    my teeth are pretty much straight now but there are 2 spaces at the top and 2 at the bottom due to tooth extractions. apparently first the teeth will be aligned and then the spaces closed. right now it feels like my top teeth are forward and ...
  4. 4 Months In

    Just had new wires put in. Also had some kind of string put around a tooth which is supposed to make it turn.

    I'm feeling quite a bit of pain ESP when eating. There is also a lot of poking and my tounge is getting irritated.

    Hope the pain goes soon!
  5. Exactly 6 weeks later..

    I hosted a friend's baby shower today and so I was talking a lot, the right side of my tongue got really sore and cut up from the exhaustion of talking more than normal.. came home and put some gushy goo on the inside of the teeth on the right side.
    OMG HEAVEN. if you have have lingual braces you know what i mean... and if you havent tried gooshy goo you need to get some!!!! way better than the regular orthodontic wax. bbye 4 now.
  6. 5 weeks after wires

    It has been about 5 weeks since I had my wires put in and I already see changes on the top front 4 and bottom front 6 teeth. It's so exciting!
    The only thing is that this week my teeth started getting really tender again and it hurts to even touch the front ones. I've noticed that every week a different tooth hurts or area of teeth hurts.

    Anyways, I am looking forward to seeing what further changes happen in the next month. My wires will be adjusted on June 1st so I will ...
  7. One week after wires

    It's been about 8 days since I had the wires put in. I still can't bite into anything because it hurts but other than that eating has become more normal!
    I haven't seen any movement though:( The orthodontist said first the teeth will straighten before the gaps close. Wonder how long till I see a change....
  8. Day after wires put in

    OUCH! My teeth are so tender and they get super sore when I try to bite into anything (even a piece of soft bread and cheese). Looks like I wont be eating much today :(
    Any advise from anyone who has gone through this? Thinking of taking an advil.
  9. Day 12 of Incognito - Wires put in

    So today I had my wires put on the upper and lower teeth (the brackets were already in 11 days ago). The appointment was quite lengthy since my orthodontist had to also fit in two artificial teeth into the spaces where my extractions were at the top.

    The wires portion of the appointment took about 45 minutes. Getting the wires on was not painful. After the appointment I did not feel much discomfort except for a slight pressure on my teeth which I still feel. However, I ate normally. ...
  10. Day 11 of Incognito

    So today is Day 11 since I had my incognitos bonded in on both the upper and lower teeth.
    On Feb 29th I had the braces put in (without the wires) and on April 3rd I had my second bicuspids removed as my teeth are overly crowded. The gaps can barely be seen however I am wondering how long they will take to close. Tomorrow I am going to have the wires put in and I am hoping this won't be as painful as I hear it is :s

    When I first got the braces put in I wanted them out! I realized ...
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