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  1. Vivera Retainers

    Hi guys! (If you're still all here!)

    I updated you a few months ago telling you that i lost my retainer somewhere in the middle of Australia.

    We'll i've replaced them with vivera...The original essix style i had did its job wonderfully, but rather bulky compared to invisalign like i was used to.

    So i shelled out money to "upgrade" to the vivera.

    I've had them for a few days, initially with the test fit at the ortho it was rather ...
  2. Helloooo!

    Hi guys,

    I thought i'd pop in and have a looksie at what you're all doing. It seems like you've all lost motivation and just wanting for it to be over! Understandable.

    So i thought i'd make a blog to cheer you all up with some fresh material on here.

    We'll start with my teeth, since thats how i got here in the first place. On the 20th of October marks 8 months being done with invisalign. Can you believe that? I cant. I have an appointment on the 21st ...
  3. 2 months! Gone!

    Yes, its now been 2 months since finishing Invisalign, i thought about making a video, but i aint really got much to say.

    I went to the ortho today for the "Yay its been 2 months lets see how things are going" appointment. Best appointment yet. Okay, not quite, getting attachments removed was still the best.

    First off, i come in, sign in on the old iPad, before i could sit down i was called in. The assistant was SO surprised to see how well the whitening ...
  4. Where is everyone?

    I'm assuming dead of some sort :P i know W1ngz is in the "woods" so he's excused!!

    Someone said they were missing my updates...So, its not really a update. But i thought i'd say gidday mate. (I know you all love my Aussie-ness) My parents are actually over in America currently, apparently you all say "Y'all" and you say coffee funny...like "CAWLFEEE"...and they're having a hard time finding something to eat without cheese on it. But they're having a ...
  5. I forgot!

    I forgot to upload my whitened teeth images! It's my last 3 weeks of university so it seems i haven't even got time to sleep!

    Anyways, pictures. Before i think is tray 13. Cant remember, just pulled it out of my media library thing on this site.


    Anyways, off to uni i go. Hope all you plastic mouths are having a good time!

    btw, retainer stage is crap. I will trade it for my invisalign trays any day.The only good thing ...

    Updated 05-01-2013 at 09:29 PM by Thomas_9

  6. One week after...

    Well, its one week in about 12 hours, but i'm procrastinating for uni at the moment, so i thought i'd come say "HI IM STILL AROUND!" So, Hi, i'm still around! That and it was looking pretty slow around here, so i thought i'd give you a thrill with new content

    So, one week after already. Time flies when your having fun. Whats it like not wearing trays all the time? F***ing good. That is all that needs to be said. The only problem i've found is getting used to ...
  7. I'm done.

    Finished. Its all over. Nearly 7 months of plastic teeth. Finished. Words cannot describe how excited i am to have a snack.

    Since i technically finished yesterday, had my attachments removed, photoshoot, the whole kit and caboodle i had ONE whole day free with no plastic on my teeth. He told me to wear tray 14 to bed, it'll be fine the rest of the day without it. Well, after the initial "ERMAHGAWD MY TEETH ARE SO STRAIGHT AND SMOOTH" i found myself actually starting to ...

    Updated 04-17-2013 at 08:33 AM by Thomas_9

  8. You know what it is!

    Final tray! In the mouth!

    What i didn't cover in the video was that it was just like any other appt, i went in. Got my final trays, we had a bit of a mini celebration being the final ones. I told him about my canine not exactly straight and the black triangles. He said we will do refinements and IPR will fix it up. I also explained that i feel we can do better, he agreed. You can clearly see (not from the video, they look amazing) if you want to be real nit picky that its not a straight ...

    Updated 06-02-2014 at 08:38 AM by Thomas_9

  9. I am a TEENAGER!

    I've started slamming my invisalign case shut, not wearing for nearly enough time and started saying #swag and #yolo.

    Not really...Okay, maybe the yolo thing.

    Story time, gather round my non teenage friends, i shall tell you a tale in why this blog post is so premature. I was in my girlfriends car, she was driving, we were waiting at the traffic lights, she was alarmed by a noise she could hear. I didn't know what she was jabbering on about. Upon furthur investigation, ...

    Updated 03-19-2013 at 08:25 PM by Thomas_9

  10. I've got a party trick!

    I went out for lunch today with a few work college's since the manager is away (shhh shhh) One person knows that I'm wearing invisalign (and the manager) So i just excused myself and took my "teeth" out in the bathroom. Now this was one long ass lunch. My trays were out for 2+ hours. I wasn't too concerned about that. But i noticed when i went to put my trays back in that my gap was just ever so wider again. Thought nothing of it, knew it would sort itself back up. About a hour later, ...

    Updated 03-13-2013 at 09:12 AM by Thomas_9

  11. Twelve!

    What'd i miss? I've been AWOL. I read the S*it stink on the forums. Wow. Just wow.

    Next order of business. 2 more trays to go after this one!

    Third order of business. TRAY TWELVE IS IN THE MOUTH! (Not house, in mouth, get it? Get it? Punny right? haha)

    So tray 11 was a interesting one. Normally my bottom tray has the same feeling as the top tray, pulling closed the gap. However, that went about tray 9. This one felt like it was pulling my front teeth ...

    Updated 03-07-2013 at 06:46 PM by Thomas_9

  12. Tray 11!


    Tray 11 when in yesterday at the annual visit to the orthodontist. He tells me things are tracking and progressing very well. I raised a few concerns i was having, one being the little black triangles that are forming on my bottom teeth. He informs not to worry "Inserts speech about teeth movement jaw, gums something something" and he informs me the last THREE trays are "Over-correcting trays" and it should fix ...

    Updated 02-21-2013 at 08:19 PM by Thomas_9

    Progress , Consultations
  13. Double figures!

    Tray 10! How very exciting...That means only 4 more trays until completion. Thats even more crazy.

    Tray 10 is a softie, rather boring. I wanted some action, but it appears it doesn't want to give me any. It seems i have developed a emotion or "fetish" of some sort, where i want my trays to be tight. I know that means movement then! Dont get me wrong, its tight, but still, tray 8 is winning still!

    My concerns are though with only 4 more trays left that is ...

    Updated 02-07-2013 at 06:36 PM by Thomas_9

  14. Tray 9 is in the house!

    That was a fast 3 weeks right? TOO fast in my books. If you remember, we skipped 4 days of tray 6, then we skipped a whole 8 days of tray 7 because it was "broken" so i wore tray 8 for 3 weeks. 3 weeks have been and gone and what a little so and so tray 8 was. Truly the worst, purely because i was doing roughly around 0.4mm of movement than the normal 0.2mm HOWEVER a lot has happened very fast haha.

    See pictures below.

    I cant be bothered to edit them all ...

    Updated 01-24-2013 at 07:34 PM by Thomas_9

  15. A blog because i want to blog.

    So, this blog is going to include lots of things. It's just a big old vent i want to express about my teeth and life in general.

    I'll get started with my teeth since thats why we're here. Tray 8 has been in for 5 days now (well, 6 because its 12:30 at night) and it has finally settled down today. The past 4 days have been horrific. This is probably because tray 7 was a dud and its safe to say we pretty much skipped it. I'd say my teeth have done A LOT of moving, as my front gap is ...

    Updated 01-11-2013 at 07:57 PM by Thomas_9

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