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  1. I've been bad...

    I haven't been on here in so long and forgot how much I loved it!

    I'm on tray 14 of 14 Upper and 16 Lowers and am 100% positive I am going to need refinements. I'll post some pics and you'll see why. The progress is great, but I am definitely not done yet.

    I've gotten used to the elastics, but hate the fact that if I didn't have them, I'd be able to go upper tray free for 8+ hours a day since I am done with the uppers after Friday. But since I need to wear my elastics, ...
  2. Double digits and elastics!

    Last Friday I got trays 10,11 and 12 and my buttons 'installed'. I was particularly nervous because I had a promotional interview on Monday and could just imagine the interview panel being distracted by protruding buttons from my teeth.

    So on Friday, I go in and have my buttons glued on. The left one fell off before the rit one was put on. Apparently, they don't stick well to teeth that have fillings, metal less than composite. I was to start my elastics on Saturday to give the glue ...
    Tags: uodates
  3. Tray 5 and 5 Updates

    Not too much to report. I'm on Tray 5 currently and I'm not seeing much of a difference in my teeth. With all of my excitement of checking out Tray 6 and seeing a big difference in my front tooth, I'm wondering when all of that movement will happen. Or maybe I'm just crazy and it's really not that big of a move?

    The few updates that I do have to report...
    1. I have been out to eat a few times and it's really not that big of a deal. I brushed once in the bathroom and another ...
  4. Tray 3- Week 2

    I am coming up on my 6 week check up this Friday, march 29. I am at tray 3, week 2 and am at the point where about 2 days in, all tightness is pretty much gone. I haven't noticed any changes with the bite or anything and am looking forward to checking out my next 3 trays when I get them on Friday. I am expecting 2 more attachments soon (am at 8 currently since day 1).

    And unfortUnately, I still have a pesky lisp. :( but have lost about 8 pounds and have little to no discomfort. ...
    Tags: invisalign
  5. Tray 2

    I started tray 2 last Friday, but after the initial shock of 'holy cow these are tight', they are now pretty loose. I don't really notice they are in my mouth so the comfort level is fine, but the lisp is still there.

    That is the most disappointing part for me because I could wear them with no problem, except for when I need to talk. With leading team meetings, doing presentations and just general updates I have to weigh the pros and cons of which meetings I can have them out for. ...
  6. Tray 1...Week 2 The Lisp and Other Adventures.

    So...here I am at the beginning of Week 2 with Tray 1. I'll be honest. When I walked out of the orthodontist's office last week, I cried. Then I looked in the mirror. Then I cried some more.

    That first week was brutal. It takes a lot of getting used to. I have two plastic trays in my mouth for 22 hours a day and they feel HUGE. I feel like my teeth are in a plastic prison. They were really bad teeth. They deserve to be punished. This week, I don't feel so claustrophobic with them ...
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