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  1. Well, it sure has been a while...

    Hey guys, sorry I flaked out for the last 2(ish) years. It's been pretty crazy, but I figure you all deserve an update and anything that I have to offer.

    First off, I've completed all of my 45 original trays and just went to number 20 of 32 in my refinement set. The process has been significantly shortened by my decision to start using the Acceledent system in November of 2013. That said, as I'm coming down the home stretch, I can't really imagine not having my trays in all day. ...
  2. What I've learned in my first 2 weeks!

    Well, I just switched into my second (of 45) set of aligners today (I'd take a picture, but my last picture is only 2 days old, so it seems a bit pointless, but I'll post one in another week or so), and the last 2 weeks have definitely been a learning experience. I think I'll just go down a list:

    1. The lisp goes away (whew, I had a job interview yesterday and was extremely nervous that the lisp was going to make an appearance, but, thankfully, it didn't)

    2. The only ...
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  3. "Before" Picture

    As requested, I'm adding a picture in. I didn't have the foresight to actually take a true before picture, so the one here will have to do (it was taken today, so it's actually day 12). The thing supposedly pushing the limits of Invisalign are the top canine teeth. Apparently, Invisalign isn't really meant for pulling teeth down that far, but I don't know for sure (just going off of what the orthodontist said). Also, I have learned that my teeth are much more yellow and ugly up close (most definitely ...
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  4. First Blog Post!

    Well, here goes nothing.

    Hello, everyone. I started Invisalign just under 2 weeks ago, and I'll be swapping my first trays out on Wednesday. Apparently, I'm a bit of an experimental case, my orthodontists exact words were "you're really pushing the limit of what Invisalign can do, but I'm confident it'll work and look forward to documenting your progress", so I'm a bit nervous about the whole thing, but I have confidence in the capabilities of the orthodontist I chose ...
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