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  1. Tray 14

    I had an orth appointment this morning. Today was the day I was supposed to switch to tray 15. However, my lateral incisors are not tracking correctly so I will be wearing tray 14 for another week and then wearing the next 4 trays for 10 days instead of 7 days. If things aren't tracking properly at my next appointment I will be getting new scans. Pretty bummed to have gotten off track and having to increase my wear time. I am going to try using the chewies a lot more and see if I can't get things ...

    Updated 09-11-2013 at 03:39 PM by CityGirl

  2. Moving Right Along - Tray 8

    Just a quick update. Went back to the orth a couple days ago for a little more IPR and was given trays 8-15. I can't believe how much my teeth have moved in 2 months and how much more they will move in another 2 months (I am changing trays weekly using Acceledent). I will try to post some pics soon.
  3. Tray 5 - Update

    Just had an orth appointment yesterday for a little more IPR. I also had lost an attachment on my upper left canine that needed to be replaced. It came off a couple of weeks ago but my orth office said it was fine to wait until my appointment to put it back on. The assistant used my tray to put the attachment back on instead of the template. It was pretty quick and the attachment seems to fit better than the other attachments that were put on using the template. Fingers crossed that all attachments ...
  4. Tray 3 - Attachments and IPR all in the same day!

    Just a quick update. Just got done at the orth. I knew I was having the attachments put on today - 8 total (3 upper and 5 lower) but my orth also did some IPR since I will be switching trays weekly with Acceledent. They Acceledent finally came in last week. It took them a month to get it so be warned if your orth doesn't keep any in stock.

    I was a little nervous about getting the attachments but it really wasn't so bad. You just have to keep your mouth open for a long time. Two of ...
  5. Tray 2 - So Far So Good (mostly)

    Just a quick update. The first 2 weeks in my first set of trays was pretty uneventful. I bit of pressure the first day or so but not really any pain. It did take me a bit to get used to having all that plastic in my mouth. I was really surprised to notice some tooth movement after 1 day. I noticed a big difference when flossing some of my lower front teeth where I have some significant crowding.

    It does take some getting used to all the tooth brushing and I did need to adjust my ...
  6. My Vizzys - Day 1

    Hello All,

    I found the blog/discussions to be really helpful for me so I figured I "owed" some posts of my own. I received my first two trays today. So far so good. I was the first at my orth's office to get my trays since they started using the iTero scanner. The assistant was really impressed with how well my trays fit. She said it was a significant improved over how the trays fit using the molds. I have 35 trays U/L with 7 attachments. Attachments will go on with tray ...
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