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  1. Tray one and tray six comparison

    It's not much but wanted to upload my tray one and tray six comparison. I change again on 9/5.

  2. RIP to my toothbrush kit

    So... I had the perfect set up for my "toothbrush kit" which I carried everywhere with me. I used a blood pressure cuff bag which was small enough to fit in a purse but big enough to hold my toothbrush, a travel size listerine, whisps, flossers, dental wax (some times need it for new trays) a couple of packets of Polident, and my toothpaste.

    While enjoying a romantic picnic in the park with my boyfriend we decided to move to a spot with more shade. When my boyfriend crossed ...
  3. Week 8

    Just put on my fourth set of trays. I'm at work for a long (36 hour) shift so I decided to eat dinner (my last meal for the night) and then put them on after brushing and flossing.

    They feel tight/pressure but it's a welcome feeling now after I adjust to the previous set.

    I wish I was at the half way point but I know it will be here before I know it.

    Not really much else to report! My next appointment is August 8th, I'll have more IPR done and get my ...

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  4. Week one

    After so many years of being unhappy with my teeth I'm finally starting this journey. I went to a few different orthodontists and they all told me that in order to have braces I'd have to have surgery on both my upper and lower jaw. The oral surgeons I saw we're great, but one, who was a former client of mine seven I used to cut hair, told me I shouldn't go through with the surgery. ...

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