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  1. stephanopolous's Avatar
    Yes I do! I think the tray I currently have on is opening my top arch up.
  2. Millenia's Avatar
    It's small, but I can see a little bit. You've got a lot going on in there, haven't you? You'll get there in no time.
  3. stephanopolous's Avatar
    Thanks! I notice a slight difference and also notice my bite is improving. My front top and bottom teeth didn't used to touch when I bit down and now some of them do.
  4. hollins2007's Avatar
    I can definitely see some movement, especially on the bottoms! I don't think I started noticing anything with my teeth until Tray 5 or so. And it was small things. But it was exciting to see the difference and I am sure it is with you too :)
  5. mikeg's Avatar
    lol. sounds like something I would do :)
  6. stephanopolous's Avatar
    I put up a pic of tray one (top) and tray four (bottom).
  7. stephanopolous's Avatar
    That makes me feel better to know the time flies! I find myself always comparing tray one and tray four looking for any small differences lol. I do have comparisons with tray one and tray four but I feel like you can't really see any difference! I'll post it anyways. My boyfriend and one of the doctors I work with say they notice it in my two front teeth. My mom said something on face time last night that they look better but I only notice with my bite- my top and bottom teeth never used to touch when I bite down and now they do. I'm excited to go for my 6 week!
  8. hollins2007's Avatar
    Like Kris, the trays get easier to take off as you go. You find a system. Unless you're like me, and on Tray 20 (a couple of days ago) I got a new attachment, and it is VERY difficult to get the tray off the top! Though I will say part of it may be because it's one of my front teeth (lateral incisor to get technical) so it is hard to maneuver it off that tooth. As I joked in my blog, I will probably get a system down by the time that attachment comes off on Tray 26! lol!

    The process really goes by quick. I remember vividly my first appointment, which was at the end of October, and here I am end of July and 9 months have gone by and I'm at the halfway mark! It's fun to see the progress.

    I want to see pictures too! :)
  9. SopranoKris's Avatar
    It gets easier as you go along to take the trays out with all the attachments. I have the same number of attachments you do. I'm finding as my teeth get straighter, I don't have to wrestle as much to get them off. Post some progress pics when you get a chance :)
  10. Natural BraceFace's Avatar
    Check out my first day in braces video

  11. snuffles's Avatar
    Hi, welcome to the forum/blogs and glad that you've taken the plunge with Invisalign! I started not too long ago, at the end of May, so I've also been getting used to the whole routine.

    Did your ortho show you your ClinCheck? (the simulation video of the before/after and projected movement of the teeth) From the photos you posted, I see you have quite a pronounced underjet/underbite, where your lower teeth extend beyond the perimeter of your upper teeth; your lower teeth are currently pointing inward, however if they straighten outward, the distance between your upper and lower teeth edges will be wider. I'm interested in seeing how much Invisalign can improve this, having seen many miraculous changes done before.

    If you haven't already done so, you can ask your ortho for the ClinCheck -- my ortho emailed me the photos and simulation video, I find it very motivating to look at the final state of my teeth at the end of the initial phase. It makes me determined to stay compliant with the wear time and to have a positive attitude and wait for each new aligner change with anticipation.
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