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Invisalign in Paradise

  1. First set of aligners!

    I picked up my first two sets of aligners on 8/15/13 morning! The appointment was a little...underwhelming. I was hoping to get a cool starter kit like some of you have, but I only got the standard Invisalign welcome kit. I asked about Chewies, but the tech said that only people whose trays don't fit well will need them. (I am planning to ask for some at my next visit because I found that they help my aligners fit more snugly).

    I was a little annoyed at the tech when she had me ...
  2. I got to see my Clinchecks today!

    I was hoping that I would have my trays by now, but at least everything is moving forward smoothly.

    I went to see my orthodontist today, and he let me see the two Clinchecks he made for me so that I could choose a treatment plan. Originally he thought that I would need two extractions, which worried me because I am already missing three adult teeth due to poor dental care when I was younger. Also, when I had my wisdom teeth taken out recently, I had a bad infection and I didn't want ...
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  3. Imaging is done!

    I went to get all my imaging done today. I had a panoramic x-ray, and something else that required little knobs to go in my ears! Both took seconds to do, so this part was easy.

    The iTero (or iOC, I'm not sure what the difference was) scan was really neat from a nerdy point of view. The tech had me lay back in the chair, and she took pictures of each of my teeth going from the lower left quadrant, lower right, upper right, then upper left. She did the buccal side of each and then ...

    Updated 06-30-2013 at 12:01 AM by smootie

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  4. The anticipation is killing me!

    I can't believe that I am finally going to straighten my teeth! I have wanted to do this since high school, but my family was always poor so orthodontics was never an option. Now, thanks to the incredible health benefits from my husband's new job, it's happening!

    I would like to document my experience because others' blogs have been so helpful to me, and to help me track my progress.


    My appointment ...
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