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  1. Been A While.. Picture Post Braces

    So I have had my braces off almost a year I believe.... I came along away and I'm glad I went through with it... Getting braces at 30 wasn't too appealing, but my bite is much better now, no tmj, chew good etc. So here's a before and after...

    Here's my bite when I got my braces


    Here's my bite today

  2. Quick Update with pics

    Have had my braces off for around 6 months now. I have a hawley retainer up top and the perm retainer in the lowers. I was a bit worried at first about the lower retainer being annoying, but it has worked out. Flossing around it sucks, but I make do and it is better than wearing an acutal retainer for sure.

    Here's a quick pic.

  3. 6 more weeks?

    Well I had an appointment this morning. Kinda a little embarrassing because I had a huge canker sore inside my lower lip from where the rubber band and bracket rubs on it. I was considering delaying the appointment till it went away, but I'm sure they see them all the time, so I said eff it and went in. The doc and staff just worked around that nasty thing...

    Anyway, He tied me up with 2 rubber bands that I have to wear "as much as possible" to bring my upper teeth down ...
  4. Update with pics before/after

    Well I have an appointment on May 1st, but thought I'd update my blog while I have the time.

    I had my surgery on November 30th. So I'm about 5 months out. I'd say the swelling is 90% gone. I can still tell on the left cheek there is some. I have no complaints now, just kinda wanna get these off asap. MY ortho is still working with my back molars, applying torque. He is undoing what the palatal expander did when I was in my early 20's the first time around. The expander ...
  5. Update with PIC

    So I believe I am about 3 months away from getting my braces off. The orthodontist is working some "torque" adjustments on my molars to bring them in. Unfortunately this is a slow process in orthodontics. I'm quite ready to get these off and put this behind me.

    Overall my bite feels great and I'm happy with the results.

    Photo on 3-15-12 at 9.43 PM.jpg
  6. surgery went good

    im back home now and recovering well. Ill post more later.
  7. Surgical Hooks Are In

    Ok, my surgery is in about 2 weeks.

    I recently had to give blood... not too bad.

    I had the surgical hooks put in today... Not bad either, took about an hour to get everything in place.


    Now with 2 weeks left, I have a pre-op appointment with a general doctor to do basic health check and then next week I have a pre-op with the surgeon.

    In the meantime I am going to try to pack on about 5 to 10 pounds. ...
  8. Got A Surgery Date - Class 3 Underbite

    Was out on the golf course yesterday and got an email from the Surgeons ofice that I have date set for the end of November. I'm sure I looked as if I saw a ghost at that point! I guess this is really going to happen :)

    Quite a bit of prep to get ready by then.

    I have to give blood, get the surgical hooks placed, and then see the suregon for a pre-surgery workup.

    I'm going to make a video soon and post up some pictures...
  9. Spaces Closed! Surgery soon?

    Well my spaces finally closed on the bottom row. I didn't think they ever would, as when one would close anotehr would open... The ortho used a different wire this time to get the job done and it worked.

    So I have an appointment next week with ortho and surgeon. I expect I'll get a date. Not sure if the ortho still has minor tweaks to make or not, but I'm ready to get this over with.

    I'm actually getting quick sick of the braces and would like to get them off sometime ...
  10. Still waiting for space to close

    I have a stubborn space on the bottom that needs to close before I can get a date for the surgery... Been a long time for this space.. when they close it, a new space opens, so I'm hoping the next appointment will be the final adjustment...

    Otherwise, nothing new to report...

    Here's a random pic of me fishing :)

    Screen Shot 2011-08-25 at 12.38.06 PM.jpg
  11. Adjustment Today

    Well, the spaces on my bottom teeth are finally closing and I'd say I'm about 6 weeks or so out to surgery for my bite....

    I have to meet with the surgeon soon to do another set of molds , xrays, etc.

    Kind of excited to get it over with, but still nervous, especially about the liquid diet... I dont want to lose too much weight, so I may eat eat eat the couple weeks before to put on 5 or 10, which is hard for me.. I'm about 5'10 173 as I write this and work out. ...
  12. Adjustment Update

    Had an adjustment yesterday in which the ortho changed out the powerchain on the bottom.

    I'm still wearing the elastics 24/7. We just need a few spaces on the bottom to close before I can do the surgery for my underbite.

    I'll be away for most of the month of May for my Sisters wedding, so when I get back I expect to have a date for surgery sometime in June.

    Here's a pic I just snapped on my Mac. You can see the spaces on the bottom and my lower jaw ...
  13. Got rubber bands today....

    Well, my ortho did molds on the appointment earlier this week and reviewed them today to see that he wanted me back in the office and wearing rubber bands full time.

    I expect my bite to get even worse, but spaces to close... this will have me ready for surgery hopefully end of may or beginning of June..

    The rubber bands aren't so bad, and you can hardly see them when I talk...

    I have a date tonight... hope I remember to take them out way before we ...
  14. Adjustment... bring the pain!

    Had an adjustment this morning. My doc took 2 brackets off the bottom and repositioned them.

    Still have some spaces on my lower teeth to close before I can be given the go ahead on surgery...

    I'm def feeling the pain here a few hours later, which is a good thing... I really want to see the spaces close already as it seems I have seen any real movement in a couple months...

    Closing in on my 8th month.... and I can say it has really gone by quick so ...
  15. Saw Surgeon Today...

    Had an appointment to see my surgeon today. Always a pleasure stopping by his office. Took my dad since he is pretty curious about this procedure I'm having done and he is retired (bored).

    He took a quick look at my teeth and we still have to close up some spaces. He is going to talk to my ortho next week.

    I have to either have the surgery in April or after May 22 (my sisters wedding). I'm not rushing it all, so we will see how these spaces play out...
    Oral Surgery
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