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Linguals & Clarity braces in London

I'm a 28 year old female in London, UK getting Linguals on top and Clarity on the bottom.

I'm expected to have them on for 24months!

  1. Incognitos put on

    My laptop died so my latest pictures are on that.
    Good news is that my bottom teeth are extremely straight now! I'll post pics as soon as my laptop is fixed.

    Bad news is that I got the lingual braces put on my uppers 3 weeks ago and cannot get used to the lisp I have!

    I thought it would go away in a few days or in a couple of weeks, yet here I am just over 3 weeks later and still lisping just as bad. People noticed the lisp straight away - or maybe it was because ...
  2. Noticeable movement!

    21 May 09
    Attachment 62

    25 May 09
    Attachment 63

    *sorry about the discoloration, I just ate sliced oranges*

    So my tongue has noticed that a tooth has moved slightly.

    If you take a look at Tooth 2 and Tooth 3 on the left of the picture they are a lot closer together. #2 doesn't stick inwards as much as it used to and it certainly feels different against my tongue.

    This is brilliant! It's only been ...

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    Pictures , Progress
  3. 1st Adjustment + chipped tooth + glue on molars

    I had my first adjustment this morning. I feel some sensitivity in my teeth again, it really hurts to bite on things! It makes me feel good because when I first got the braces on I only felt sensitivity for like the first couple of days, then nothing.

    My ortho said that I would definitely feel it more this time around, and may even see some movement in my bottom teeth! I'm looking forward to that and will take pics at the end of the month.


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  4. Ceramics put on today!

    I had pre-brace jitters last night thinking of how I would look with the braces on. Wondering if I'd regret it instantly then feel self conscious all the time.

    Attachment 52

    I got them put on this morning and went to work. My ortho put Clarity SL braces on my lower teeth. All of the front teeth and on the first molar on each side. I'm happy they don't go all the way to the back, I worried about sores.

    It was a bit of a shock looking in the mirror! ...
  5. Introduction

    I thought I would introduce the situation of my teeth right at the beginning of my blog.

    Attachment 51

    My lower teeth appear much worse than my top.
    I have crowding at the front, which was worsened by my wisdom teeth popping out.
    I also have a baby tooth still residing on my left, with no adult tooth to push it out.

    My upper teeth actually require more work than the bottom.
    My wisdom ...
  6. Day after extractions

    Attachment 50

    I had two extractions yesterday both on my lower (no.5's) to make room for the teeth to straighten.

    I've never had any extractions or surgery before so was quite apprehensive about it. I was heavily sedated (not put completely under) and can't remember a thing after the drip was put in my arm and they put sunglasses on me.

    Next thing I know I was picked up off the dental chair and sat outside with a pulse monitor on my finger. It ...