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  1. The best appointment to date...

    Today I had one the most impressive appointments with my ortho :thumb: She first of all said that the tooth that was rotated is now completely in it's correct position and with some other 'tweaking' she is impressed with it's movement.

    She also took off one of my brackets on the bottom tooth because it is just slightly off and for the first time in more than a year I saw a 'naked' tooth and MY GOODNESS that tooth looked huge in my mouth, lol. She moved it to a new position so that ...
  2. Photos... 13 months...

    Hey all! :lips:

    Here are some pics of my teeth with the new powerchains on the front teeth and the movement.

    Check my album! Enjoy :wave:
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  3. My Appointment... 13 Months In...

    :lips: I had a pretty productive appointment today, it was pretty routine. Removal of wires, powerchain and brush, floss and rinse. My ortho put the same wire on and gave me new powerchains on the bottom teeth. On top, she put powerchains on the rotated tooth on the outside, she said that we are almost done with the rotation of that tooth. She then decided that I was having such an issue with my front teeth not having any movement she put powerchains on my two front teeth.

    After ...
  4. One Year In...


    Ok today is the first day of the rest of my life for healthy teeth. It is my one year anniversary and I never thought it would get here so fast. I mean people told me that it would go pretty fast but I was thinking NO WAY it couldn't possibly be this fast. My goodness was I wrong. It has been one year today since I made that committment to behave and take the best care of my teeth I have ever done in my life.

    I now am on a countdown to
  5. One step forward and two steps back!!!

    I had my appointment with my ortho for the first time since I got my first set of powerchains. Yes I asked at least 16 questions to the assistant and to my ortho.

    First question I asked was that I was noticing that my front gap isn't doing ANY movement which was pretty disheartening since the rest of my teeth have seen some improvement. She assured me that since I have a tooth on my upper right side that was rotated 90 degrees in the wrong direction that we have to turn it the right
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  6. 10 Months and 1 Day...

    It has been 10 months since I got my braces put on :party:and OMG I am just overjoyed. Yep everyone was right the time is FLYING by! I remember when I got them put on and now I am into the double digit month. My teeth are doing their thing and moving along the way that they should. My ortho is pleased with my progress and the pain is all relative in comparison to the results that I am having.
    Well it seems that my family is just as excited as I am and although there are still a few jealous
  7. Powerchains... What Powerchains?!?!?

    Ok! 10 days later and now I can finally eat again. The pain really only lasted 7 days which I guess were ok seeing as though I was convinced that the pain would never go away I had to cut one of my wires already on the top teeth because I noticed that my teeth had already begun to move.
    I believe that my powerchains are doing their duty and assisting me in the best way possible. Although I don't see my ortho again until around the 20th of next month and I am already ready for my
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  8. Powerchains...

    YAY I never thought I would ever see the double digit month appear but it is almost upon me and I am just as pleased as punch :braces: then my orhto looks at me and says well now we are going to put powerchains on all of your teeth because it is time to close some of those spaces and gaps you have. GREAT I say until after the assistant puts them on (in a really cute color of course) and then the pain kicks in... and I mean some SERIOUS pain. I had to take out the heavy duty pain killers and still ...

    Updated 06-20-2010 at 11:09 AM by MsMichelle

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  9. Five Months in and here come....

    Hi All :wave:

    Here I am again posting something about my doggone teeth. My journey has been so freaking kooky I don't know how to behave. I am now into my 5th set of spacers! Ah the joy of the a perfect smile!

    I spoke with my ortho yesterday after my appt and she informed me that now my teeth are aligned on the bottom just like she wanted them so now we can move onto the power chains on the bottom teeth and new tighter wire and finally a bracket on my tooth that was ...
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  10. One Week GONE!

    Okay, :wave:

    Here we are at Day 7... I didn't think I was going to make it this far. I mean the first week was quite possibly the hardest. Dealing with the adjustment of having METAL apparatus' in my mouth is something that is CRAZY! I mean Aleve, Orajel and Smoothies became my friends. I can't believe how much they hurt... I am still eating soft foods and tried unsuccessfully yesterday to try my hand at 'regular' foods. I mean dangit when will the pain stop.

    I am also
  11. Day One...

    Okay so here we go I got my metal braces today.
    Heck yeah it was painful but it was also exciting and fun. My ortho is GREAT! She kind of reminds me of Doctors who come in when the work is just about complete to inspect everything that the other dental assistant's do and then put a stamp on it and keep it moving... she however participated in my treatment and even assisted in inspecting my brackets and wire.

    I am now into hour four and thank goodness I took some drugs beforehand. ...
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