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My Invisalign Journey (aka my 2nd time around with braces)

Tray 4 - feels very different!

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Since I have to work the 4 AM shift at the hospital tomorrow, I have already put Tray 4 in. That way, I'll get the 10 to 12 hours my ortho wants before taking them off for the first time. I tell ya...this set of trays feels so different from my previous ones. I have the distinct sensation of all my teeth being pushed outward. I know this is one of the aims of my treatment, to widen my smile and relieve overcrowding. But I've not had the "push out" feeling before. It's definitely different.

I have a love/hate relationship with my tray change days. I love looking forward to moving to the next set of aligners. But I HATE how hard it is to take them off the next day!!! I usually have to wrestle with them for 10 to 20 minutes the first day to get them out. On the plus side, I love the tight feeling of new trays. It feels like they're working! :-)

I'll have to post a pic update tomorrow...

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  1. Millenia's Avatar
    Yes, I love the tight feeling. But I love it even more when it loosens up and I realize they've made their movement already.
  2. hollins2007's Avatar
    Yep, tightness/pressure = progress to straighter teeth! I hear you about the love/hate relationship though... so hard to get them out the next day! Sometimes I skip lunch (change trays the night before after dinner) just to get many many hours in before having to take them out, but sometimes my tummy wants to be fed sooner so I have to make the extra effort at taking them out. Medical gloves have worked wonders for me when I can't get them out with just my bare hands. In the beginning I used them nearly all the time; now it's only on occasion, and usually at the beginning of a new tray.
  3. SopranoKris's Avatar
    Yeah, I had to get up at 2:30 AM for the morning shift at the hospital, so I had to skip breakfast. Otherwise, I wouldn't have had them on for the 10 to 12 hours my ortho wants on the first day of a tray. I had "lunch" at 7:30 and, man...was my stomach growling by then!!! I was drawing blood on a patient this morning and my tummy started rumbling. He asked me if I wanted him to get me a candy bar out of the vending machine, LOL!

    On the positive only took 5 minutes to get them out, instead of 20...yay!