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My Invisalign Journey (aka my 2nd time around with braces)

Moving on to Tray 6!

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I switched to Tray 6 last night....yay! This set of trays was not nearly as tight feeling as Tray 5 was. I can really tell how much movement I've had on my front left teeth. I know I could FEEL it...LOL :-) Still hoping to see some improvement on the lower teeth. However, they're so overcrowded, it will probably be quite some time before my back teeth are moved out of the way so they can shift.

I've been wearing Tray 6 for 15 hours, so I'm off to wrestle them out of my mouth. Here's an updated progress pic:

Tray 6 comparison.jpg

Here's a comparison from Tray 2 to Tray 6:
Tray 6_1 Comparison.jpg

Updated 03-27-2013 at 12:36 PM by SopranoKris

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  1. W1ngz's Avatar
    Looking good!
    I sometimes have to feel around with my tongue to tell that things are moving. There's been a few trays that were just rotating premolars, so visually I couldn't actually tell anything was moving.
  2. Invisaligned's Avatar
    I can't believe you are up to number 6 already! somehow you are catching up it seems! looking good :)
  3. Invisaligned's Avatar
    In one of your posts you mentioned you had an extracation I think of a molar? I didn't realize that. What is the plan to fill that space, are teeth moving to fill it or implant or what? I have a missing molar as well but my lower tray ends on the tooth before it so my aligner does not fill the space but toward the end of my trays I have to fill the space with a (very expensive) implant once the other teeth are basically in position.
  4. Millenia's Avatar
    I can really see the movement on that front tooth. I'm jealous. Your's will be straight before mine are. Do you have attachments on your front teeth? I don't. Maybe they'd move faster if they did.
  5. SopranoKris's Avatar
    Invisaligned, it was my 1st molar right behind the premolar on the bottom right. There's definitely a big space there. Once I'm done, I'll either get a bridge or an implant to go in the space.

    Millenia, yep...I've got 2 attachments on that left front tooth and 14 attachments in total.
  6. Invisaligned's Avatar
    Yeah I'm going to go for the implant since to get a bridge I will have to file down two otherwise good teeth on either side of the space so I figure I'm spending all this money already Im going to go for broke and get the implant even though I know that that whole procedure is not exactly simple. I'll see how I feel once it's time to deal with that. Both options have their pluses and minues....

    I actually have my very last molar that is just sitting outside my Invisalign trays uncovered rather than them putting plastic to span the space because my doctor said it would be more comfy for me this way and I don't think any movement is occurring in any of my back teeth.
  7. SopranoKris's Avatar
    Yeah, I'll probably go for the implant, as well. I'd rather do that than harm teeth with a bridge. Might as well take the plunge :-)

    It's weird, but on my left side, the last molars on both the upper & lower are completely covered by the trays. On the right, the last upper & lower molars are only 2/3rds covered by the trays. I guess the molars on that side don't need to move. (My right side is my "straighter" side, so this makes sense)
  8. RhiBBraced!'s Avatar
    wow your teeth are looking great :) nice movement!
  9. Thomas_9's Avatar
    That front tooth is moving along nicely! :D
  10. hollins2007's Avatar
    Looking good!!
  11. Kelo's Avatar
    Your front teeth look like they have moved heaps, you must be really pleased :) hope you haven't had any other trays tear either? My last 2 seem to have held on ok :)