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My Invisalign Journey (aka my 2nd time around with braces)

Tray 7

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Tray 6 was such an easy tray. No problem going on, no problem taking off. Just an easy comfortable time. Boy, do I miss Tray 6! Tray 7 was very difficult to put on. This tray is starting to move my jacked up left canine (upper) and, man-oh-man, do I feel it!!! The only way I could get the tray on was to bite on a chewie. It finally clicked into place (after feeling like my attachments were going to rip off). Lower tray was a piece of cake, thankfully!

I'm happy to report that as my teeth are getting straighter, the new trays are easier to take off the following morning. I didn't have to work today and I don't have class until 3 PM, so I got a full 17 hours of non-stop wear after changing to the new tray last night. I think that really makes a difference.

I ordered some regular chewies from My ortho always gives me gauze rolls to chew on, but I invariably run out of them before my next appointment. I decided to go ahead and buy a bag of chewies. I'm glad I did! I really like them. They're thicker than the gauze rolls so I get more "bite" out of them. They really help to alleviate pressure with the new trays. My top left incisor and canine are still a bit sore, but not as bad as when I first put the tray in. But I'll take the soreness...I know they're moving!

Here's an updated progress pic. My upper right side is lining up quite nicely now. My bite is still out of whack, but that's to be expected for now. My next ortho visit is on April 23rd and I'll be picking up trays 8, 9 & 10. OMG, getting closer to double digits!!! YAY

Tray 7 Comparison.jpg

Updated 04-09-2013 at 09:15 PM by SopranoKris

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  1. Millenia's Avatar
    The right side is looking pretty good. That incisor next to the canine will probably be moving outward while the canine is moving back, it looks like. Way to go, progress, progress.
  2. RhiBBraced!'s Avatar
    awesome news!!! great progress going on :) you must be excited!
  3. Thomas_9's Avatar
    It's looking so much better already!