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My Invisalign Journey (aka my 2nd time around with braces)

Just wanted to celebrate...

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Just wanted to celebrate...I was accepted into nursing school!!! I'm thrilled beyond belief. I applied to a very competitive program and was selected as one of the 32 out of over 750 applicants. YAY!!!! I've been working so hard towards this goal and now the journey begins

Going to see the ortho on Wednesday to pick up trays 8, 9 & 10. Hoping my upper left canine isn't having tracking issues. Last tray was very difficult to put in and there's another crack in my tray in the exact same spot as trays 3 & 4. We'll see what the ortho says on Wed.


  1. hollins2007's Avatar
    WHOO! Congratulations!!!! Only 32 out of 750? Man, that is competitive! Sounds like your hard work has paid off! Good luck :)
  2. RhiBBraced!'s Avatar
    Congrats!!!!!! great work :)
  3. wenn's Avatar
    Congrats! How exciting!
  4. Thomas_9's Avatar
    Congrats! Thats gotta be something to celebrate over for sure!
  5. karl's Avatar
    Congratulations on your acceptance.
    I have the same issue with all of my last 10 or so trays cracking in the same spot. My gap should be closed by now but is still a few mm's apart resulting in the trays being pulled apart. I will be getting meatal brackets put on four teeth at my next appt, to speed up the closing, Not what I wanted but I will deal with it. Good luck to you going forward.

    22 of I think 44 U/L, then mid course corrections.
    now, 26 of 38 U/L
    next appt: 4 metal brackets and a power chain to close a gap on lower arch
  6. soosoo22's Avatar
  7. lostinseale2's Avatar
    Congratulations!! I understand that it is a lot of work! Keep up the good work!
  8. SopranoKris's Avatar
    Thanks, everyone! Yes, the program was extremely competitive to get into. I have a 4.0 pre-requisite GPA (science & math only) and a 3.8 overall GPA and I still barely made the cut off to get in. I feel very fortunate to have made the cut

    Picking up trays 8, 9 & 10 tomorrow...can't wait!!!