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My Invisalign Journey (aka my 2nd time around with braces)

Tray 8

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Went to the ortho for my 6 week check up. Picked up trays 8, 9 & 10. We had some trouble getting the lower tray on. It fit on one side, but would not go over my molars on the right side. My ortho had to pry them off my teeth with a metal pick, they were on so tight. Once he got them off, he tried seating them starting from the right first and then they popped right on...whew!

Here's an updated pic:
Tray 8 Comparison.jpg

I can see more improvement on my right upper side....yay!


  1. Brizio's Avatar
    The progress are evident.
    Since I'm going to have attachments sililar to yours (even if I'll have them all over my front teeth except one central upper incisor) what about the visibility and social impact? I mean: have you ever been asked "are you wearing braces?" or something like that?
    Updated 04-25-2013 at 06:24 AM by Brizio
  2. RhiBBraced!'s Avatar
    wow that front tooth has popped right in, your teeth are looking amazing :)
  3. hollins2007's Avatar
    Lookin' good!!! :)
  4. wenn's Avatar
    Really easy to see the progress!
  5. SopranoKris's Avatar
    @Brizio - no, not one person has asked me if I'm wearing braces. In all honesty: people just do NOT look at your teeth as closely as you think they do. I work in a hospital and I'm around patients all day. They have no qualms about asking very personal questions. That's why I went with the Invisalign. I didn't want an obvious metal-mouth and have to answer question-after-question from each patient about why I'm wearing braces as an adult. No one has said a word to me about it. I even asked a few co-workers if they noticed my attachments. They said they didn't see them at all until I mentioned them. I was at a party a few weeks ago and one of the people at our table was an Invisalign patient. She had buttons/attachments on every single tooth and I didn't even see them until she pulled me aside and asked me if I could see them. I asked her if she could see mine and we talked about braces & Invisalign for most of the night...LOL :) It's reassuring to know that they really aren't noticeable! It just FEELS like it because they're on your teeth!!

    Thanks RhiBBraced, hollins & wenn!
  6. Millenia's Avatar
    Sounds like my visit with #15 on Monday. My top one wouldn't go on at all until I got home and could really concentrate on it.

    Your top teeth are really settling in. You are going to have a beautiful smile!
  7. Brizio's Avatar
    Thanks for your answer. I'm asking so many questions in theese days waiting for the first trays and 23 attachments. Anyway your experience makes me more confident and the results and progress on your teeth are so evident!
  8. W1ngz's Avatar
    Wow, such improvements, AND the 'hawks clinching the league, all in one day! you must have gone to bed in a very good mood last night!
  9. ChucknBuck's Avatar
    They look awesome!
  10. SopranoKris's Avatar
    @W1ngz: Yes! But I'd rather they bring home the Cup than the President's Trophy!!! My son is hoping the Red Wings sneak back in to the #8 spot, so we get one final Hawks/Wings game before they're moved to the East next season. Looking forward to the playoffs. Perhaps we'll get a Hawks vs. Habs series?
  11. karl's Avatar
    Habs will be knocked out by the Leafs. lol. Wings should be in there. It would be strange without them. Did the ortho say anything about the cracked trays.
  12. SopranoKris's Avatar
    @karl: All my ortho said was that since it keeps cracking in the same spot, he thinks it's the way I'm taking off my trays because that particular tooth sticks out so far. I usually take off my top tray starting from the top left in the back. He wants me to take it off the opposite direction and see if that eliminates the cracking issue. So far, so good!
  13. W1ngz's Avatar
    The leafs? Do they even remember how the playoffs work? Has anyone sent them a copy of 'Playoffs for Dummies' ? At best they'll get lucky and we won't have found our stride again, but it won't be due to their skill that moves them forward.
  14. SopranoKris's Avatar
    NHL Network had the Hockey Night in Canada feed for the Leafs/Habs game so I got to watch it. Man, I miss Hockey Night!!! Love it :) The Blackhawks played all of their rookies tonight, so it was basically the Rockford Icehogs vs. the St. Louis Blues...LOL. Oh well, doesn't matter. Need to keep everyone healthy for the playoffs!
  15. soosoo22's Avatar
    Great progress!!
  16. Thomas_9's Avatar
    Awesome progress! defiantly moving along nicely!