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Week one

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After so many years of being unhappy with my teeth I'm finally starting this journey. I went to a few different orthodontists and they all told me that in order to have braces I'd have to have surgery on both my upper and lower jaw. The oral surgeons I saw we're great, but one, who was a former client of mine seven I used to cut hair, told me I shouldn't go through with the surgery. Invisalign was my available option. They told me upfront that this wouldn't give me a perfect smile but it would be a major improvement. I'm hopeful for that.

Thursday June 13th at 11am was when my appointment was to get my first set. The tech made sure I could take them off and put them on and sent me out with a starter kit and cleaning crystals.

Day one was uncomfortable. Taking the trays on and off hurt. I accepted the pain as a good thing- it meant the trays were working. I'm now on day 5 and getting into a routine. I really hope to see a big change after two years. They told me I'd need a minimum of two years treatment time if not more.

Tonight when I took the trays out to eat dinner I felt a new small space between my R canine and R 1st premolar. Am I imagining things?

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  1. snuffles's Avatar
    Hi, welcome to the forum/blogs and glad that you've taken the plunge with Invisalign! I started not too long ago, at the end of May, so I've also been getting used to the whole routine.

    Did your ortho show you your ClinCheck? (the simulation video of the before/after and projected movement of the teeth) From the photos you posted, I see you have quite a pronounced underjet/underbite, where your lower teeth extend beyond the perimeter of your upper teeth; your lower teeth are currently pointing inward, however if they straighten outward, the distance between your upper and lower teeth edges will be wider. I'm interested in seeing how much Invisalign can improve this, having seen many miraculous changes done before.

    If you haven't already done so, you can ask your ortho for the ClinCheck -- my ortho emailed me the photos and simulation video, I find it very motivating to look at the final state of my teeth at the end of the initial phase. It makes me determined to stay compliant with the wear time and to have a positive attitude and wait for each new aligner change with anticipation.
  2. Natural BraceFace's Avatar
    Check out my first day in braces video