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My Invisalign Journey (aka my 2nd time around with braces)

Tray 12...officially half way done!

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Yay! I'm finally at the top of the hill, looking down. I am now on Tray 12 of 24...woo hoo!!!

Here's a comparison pic: Tray 12 Comparison.jpg

I'm finally starting to see progress on my lower teeth. This tray set also has 2 power ridges. One is on my lower right tooth (the one that sticks out), which is pushing it backwards in to place. The other is behind my upper left, which is pushing it forward. That upper tooth has moved further and further behind the lower over the years, so they both have a way to go to get back in to alignment.

This set of aligners is also actively widening my arches. I can FEEL the outwards pressure all the way around. Which I guess is a good thing. Usually I stop feeling the pressure a day or so after the new tray goes in. I switched to this set on Tuesday night and it is now Friday afternoon and I am still feeling the pressure. Nothing painful at all, just pressure. Hey, I don't mind...it lets me know it's working!

As I said last time, my ortho thinks I'll probably need refinements. So, even though I'm happy to be half way done with my initial set, I know there are more coming later. Hope everyone is having a great summer!

Let's go, Blackhawks!!!


  1. hollins2007's Avatar
    Looking great, Kris!!!!!
  2. W1ngz's Avatar
    I know what you mean on the widening, I think almost all of my trays did that. Congrats on getting half way!

    And yes, GO HAWKS! I want to see some dead bears soon :P
  3. CityGirl's Avatar
    Looking good!
  4. Millenia's Avatar
    Your teeth are looking great. I had a lot of arch widening as well. I'm still amazed at how much my teeth have moved.
  5. snuffles's Avatar
    Looks great at the halfway point already, way to go with the early improvements. I hope mine will turn out as well at the halfway point too. I'm on tray 4 of 25 now....
  6. Thomas_9's Avatar
    Looking goooooood!
  7. wenn's Avatar
    Wow, your teeth are looking great!
  8. soosoo22's Avatar
    Woweee, looking great!!
  9. stephanopolous's Avatar
    wow they look so good!
  10. W1ngz's Avatar
    Blackhawks win! What a game! That 3rd period was crazy
  11. SopranoKris's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by W1ngz
    Blackhawks win! What a game! That 3rd period was crazy
    OMG! We were sitting there saying "well, it looks like it coming back to Chi-town for Game 7". And then, all of a sudden, it was a goal fest! WOW!!! What an ending!!!!! We were jumping for joy all over the living room.
  12. RhiBBraced!'s Avatar
    looking brillant :) very nice!
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