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Week 8

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Just put on my fourth set of trays. I'm at work for a long (36 hour) shift so I decided to eat dinner (my last meal for the night) and then put them on after brushing and flossing.

They feel tight/pressure but it's a welcome feeling now after I adjust to the previous set.

I wish I was at the half way point but I know it will be here before I know it.

Not really much else to report! My next appointment is August 8th, I'll have more IPR done and get my next 3 sets of trays.

I hope these trays aren't AS hard to get off as the last set were in the beginning. It took me a good 5-6 minutes of struggling and drooling on myself to get those suckers off. By the end of the two weeks I was a pro at getting them off, but I feel like with each new tray there's a different approach to getting them to come off easily.


4/42 Upper
4/39 Lower
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Updated 07-26-2013 at 01:35 PM by stephanopolous



  1. SopranoKris's Avatar
    It gets easier as you go along to take the trays out with all the attachments. I have the same number of attachments you do. I'm finding as my teeth get straighter, I don't have to wrestle as much to get them off. Post some progress pics when you get a chance :)
  2. hollins2007's Avatar
    Like Kris, the trays get easier to take off as you go. You find a system. Unless you're like me, and on Tray 20 (a couple of days ago) I got a new attachment, and it is VERY difficult to get the tray off the top! Though I will say part of it may be because it's one of my front teeth (lateral incisor to get technical) so it is hard to maneuver it off that tooth. As I joked in my blog, I will probably get a system down by the time that attachment comes off on Tray 26! lol!

    The process really goes by quick. I remember vividly my first appointment, which was at the end of October, and here I am end of July and 9 months have gone by and I'm at the halfway mark! It's fun to see the progress.

    I want to see pictures too! :)
  3. stephanopolous's Avatar
    That makes me feel better to know the time flies! I find myself always comparing tray one and tray four looking for any small differences lol. I do have comparisons with tray one and tray four but I feel like you can't really see any difference! I'll post it anyways. My boyfriend and one of the doctors I work with say they notice it in my two front teeth. My mom said something on face time last night that they look better but I only notice with my bite- my top and bottom teeth never used to touch when I bite down and now they do. I'm excited to go for my 6 week!
  4. stephanopolous's Avatar
    I put up a pic of tray one (top) and tray four (bottom).
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