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RIP to my toothbrush kit

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So... I had the perfect set up for my "toothbrush kit" which I carried everywhere with me. I used a blood pressure cuff bag which was small enough to fit in a purse but big enough to hold my toothbrush, a travel size listerine, whisps, flossers, dental wax (some times need it for new trays) a couple of packets of Polident, and my toothpaste.

While enjoying a romantic picnic in the park with my boyfriend we decided to move to a spot with more shade. When my boyfriend crossed over a small pond to our desired spot, he tripped, and in the pond my kit went. Thankfully he was ok and only scraped his knee. I planned on tossing most of the items in the kit (dirty duck water) and throwing the bag in a hot soapy rinse to clean it. We left the park after having a great time and when we got home I realized we must have forgot the kit there!

Now I'm carrying my gypsy bag (a Starbucks paper bag with all my toothbrush kit items) until I can find a suitable replacement bag.



  1. mikeg's Avatar
    lol. sounds like something I would do :)