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Invisalign in Paradise

First set of aligners!

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I picked up my first two sets of aligners on 8/15/13 morning! The appointment was a little...underwhelming. I was hoping to get a cool starter kit like some of you have, but I only got the standard Invisalign welcome kit. I asked about Chewies, but the tech said that only people whose trays don't fit well will need them. (I am planning to ask for some at my next visit because I found that they help my aligners fit more snugly).

I was a little annoyed at the tech when she had me try on my aligners for the first time. She didn't give me a mirror, so I had no idea how to put them on. When she saw that I was struggling, she put them in for me (which does not help me learn how to do it myself). She told me how to take them off, but I didn't have to demonstrate that I could take them off. The ortho came by to check the fit and to answer questions. Annnnnd, that was it. I don't know what I expected, but it was very anti-climactic.

I got two sets of aligners, and am due back next month for attachments. (Not looking forward to that.)

I'm currently on day 6. So far no pain except for faint achiness occasionally in specific teeth. I swear the aligners feel different every day. On day two, the edges stuck out really far (even after seating them properly) and cut my lips. A couple days later, that went away and they cut into the rood of my mouth.

Brushing and flossing after every meal really sucks. My mouth and lips are dry all the time. I don't snack or sip yummy drinks during the day anymore. I try not to think about this being my life for the next two years (52 trays top and bottom).

Here are a couple of "before" pictures:


I have crowding on the bottom, an overjet, overbite and crossbite on the top, and three missing molars. I guess you say I have a complicated case!

None of my friends (including my best friend) could tell I had Invisalign until I told them. My lisp seemed really obvious to me, but no one else noticed. (The lisp is getting much better, btw. Hopefully it will be gone soon.)

I'm really excited about having straight teeth eventually, but right now 26 months seems like a really long way away!


  1. hollins2007's Avatar
    Yay, glad it got started okay! Though how the heck does the ortho expect you to put your aligners on without a mirror??? Even now, nearly 10 months later, though I can get my aligners off mirror-less, still need a mirror to put them back on!!

    The dryness will go away (my mouth was REALLY dry at the beginning) and although I never got a lisp, I've read of others on this site who had it and theirs went away.

    You get used to a routine with Invisalign. Do I miss snacking whenever I want, or eating on a whim if someone offers me food? Heck yes. But straight teeth will be worth it!!!

    And can I say, WOW your teeth are really white!!! I'm thinking of getting professional whitening after this is all said and done :)
  2. tiffany's Avatar
    The time really does fly by, I have 35 trays and I'm on tray 30 now. Hope your treatment goes well (:
  3. smootie's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by hollins2007
    And can I say, WOW your teeth are really white!!! I'm thinking of getting professional whitening after this is all said and done :)
    My teeth aren't as blindingly white as the pics (thanks white balance!) but they turned out really well after using some Crest Whitestrips. I forget which ones, but there are only seven in the pack and I only needed four. My teeth were sensitive for the rest of the day but were fine the next day.

    I noticed that attachments looked less obvious on whiter teeth, so I whitened mine while waiting for the aligners to arrive!
  4. CityGirl's Avatar
    No mirror to put in your aligners the first time? That's just crazy. I am on tray 12 and I find it difficult to put mine in without a mirror.

    Congrats on getting started!
  5. carolinedelrey's Avatar
    I had the exact same experience. The assistant took them out of the bag and put them in my mouth. Didn't say, "Hey, would you like to try this?" or "I'll show you how to put them on." She just put them in and left. I didn't even get to see a mirror. My orthodontist came and then gave me the standard kit. No goodies, no things to help remove the trays. Just the kit and then some cotton rolls which were the cheap alternative to chewies. I DIDN'T EVEN GET TO SEE THEM UNTIL ABOUT 2 MINUTES BEFORE I LEFT. I was so excited, because I was spending a LOT of money, and I don't know what I was expecting. Beyonce to come out with a whole bunch of lights and sing? Kanye West to burst in and yell, "Hey assistant, you're doing a good job but EVERY OTHER ORTHODONTIST is doing a whole lot better!" I don't know. I just wanted to be wowed. Hopefully, I chose the right orthodontist and everything works out. Same to you!
  6. stephanopolous's Avatar
    Welcome and congrats on getting them! I started in June so we're both heading on the same timeline. You'll get used to them fairly quick, after the sixth week I realized that I hardly noticed them. Make sure to make up a little dental kit to bring around with you, that's my lifesaver!
  7. mlblair502's Avatar
    Congrats on starting your treatment! I hope you are getting used to them now. You can buy chewies yourself at dentakit.com. They are inexpensive and very worth it! I use them whenever I change to a new tray (usually for 2-3 days after the change and I use the chewy upon putting the trays back in after eating for those days. I only use it for maybe 5-10 mins at a time) even if the tray fits perfectly. Good luck!! :)
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