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Tray one and tray six comparison

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It's not much but wanted to upload my tray one and tray six comparison. I change again on 9/5.



  1. hollins2007's Avatar
    I can definitely see some movement, especially on the bottoms! I don't think I started noticing anything with my teeth until Tray 5 or so. And it was small things. But it was exciting to see the difference and I am sure it is with you too :)
  2. stephanopolous's Avatar
    Thanks! I notice a slight difference and also notice my bite is improving. My front top and bottom teeth didn't used to touch when I bit down and now some of them do.
  3. Millenia's Avatar
    It's small, but I can see a little bit. You've got a lot going on in there, haven't you? You'll get there in no time.
  4. stephanopolous's Avatar
    Yes I do! I think the tray I currently have on is opening my top arch up.