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I've been bad...

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I haven't been on here in so long and forgot how much I loved it!

I'm on tray 14 of 14 Upper and 16 Lowers and am 100% positive I am going to need refinements. I'll post some pics and you'll see why. The progress is great, but I am definitely not done yet.

I've gotten used to the elastics, but hate the fact that if I didn't have them, I'd be able to go upper tray free for 8+ hours a day since I am done with the uppers after Friday. But since I need to wear my elastics, both trays need to be in. :(

I don't know what really comes next, but I go back on October 11th. Once they get the attachments off, I am hoping they will shave my teeth to make them more even so I can know what I'm dealing with. I don't know if I shared this or not, but one of my dentists shaved my teeth down years ago so they wouldn't be so uneven. Now that they are straightening out, they are really uneven. I am also hoping I can get some whitening done. Crossing my fingers for LOW refinement numbers.

As much as I want to be done, I get 2 rounds of refinements and I don't want to stop until they are as close to perfect as I can get.

Here are the pics. I was really bad about taking progress pictures for a while so there's a gap.

Speaking of gaps, I went from overlapping bottom teeth to a very slight gap! I guess they really do move your teeth!


  1. hollins2007's Avatar
    Hey! Welcome back to the site :) WOW I can really see the difference! That top central incisor has REALLY moved into position! And though it's hard to really see your bottom teeth, I can tell they've moved a lot too. Awesome!! I bet you're thrilled!!
  2. Millenia's Avatar
    They've made great progess. Isn't it annoying when chips suddenly show up that were hidden before? I've got that gap in my bottom teeth, too. It'll be interesting to see the end results once the ortho gets through with them.
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