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Refinement 5. Been a while!

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I've skipped posting for quite a while, so just thought I'd throw up a quick update. I'm now on 5/13 of my refinements. Things are slow and steady. I guess if I'd have kept up my original habit of taking pictures, I might see some more things going on. I can definitely feel the changes though, and am starting to see things moving into their 'refined' alignment.

Most of the movement so far has been continued widening at the back, and some modest outward tipping of premolars, so it's really not anything visible. And it's left me with a dull headache for the last 6 weeks, presumably because of the constant outward pressure.

My silly canine is ever so gradually starting to rotate into it's final position, and my lower inscisors, that were just about done, are gradually moving as well. I'm sure they could move quicker for the amount of movement they have left to finish, but I suspect that when they plan these things, movements that don't conflict with other planned movements are spread out along the whole series of aligners rather than as fast as possible.

I also had a routine hygiene visit when I picked up trays 4-5-6, but there's nothing to report there. No cavities, no stains, no soft spots, and way less tartar than the average patient. Score!


  1. Millenia's Avatar
    It looks like I caught up with you. I'm on 5 as well. I think my movements in refinements are smaller, which may be part of why I'm switching out every 7 days.

    I'm kind of missing your photo updates. I think I was charting my time based on yours. LOL Do you find your patience running thin? I'm so over it already. Ready to be DUN!
  2. W1ngz's Avatar
    Patience is definitely running thin. It's not gone altogether, because (touch wood) I've stayed on track with no issues at all. I'm definitely ready to be Done. An no, the capital D isn't a typo!

    I may post a photo later on this week. I'm going to have a look and compare where I am now, to where I was in my final photo from my initial stage. I think I miss the photos as well.
  3. hollins2007's Avatar
    Thanks for the update! I feel like everyone that was blogging around the time I started has been dwindling away (you, Thomas, Susan). It's kinda weird :(

    Glad things seem to be doing well! I only just changed to 24/37 on my initial top trays, but I am getting tired of it. Keep my trays out longer than I should. I hope I don't need many refinements but I have a feeling I will for the tops! The bottoms might be bare minimum, if anything. We'll see in too many trays down the line, haha!

    Please, post a picture :)
  4. SopranoKris's Avatar
    Yay! Good to have an update from you. I feel like we're ALL in the "I'm over this, can't we be done yet?" phase! Now that I've got a passive aligner on the top and only a few more on the bottom to go, I just want to get it over and done with already!!!!

    Have you talked to your ortho about retainers yet? Any idea what you're going to get or what you want to choose, if you have a choice?
  5. Thomas_9's Avatar
    I demand a picture.
  6. W1ngz's Avatar
    Demand, eh? Well then, since my Aussie friend demands it, I have number 6, and a visit on Tuesday. How about a picture then?
  7. W1ngz's Avatar
    Kris, no, we haven't had the retainer talk yet. I'd prefer vivera. I know retainers are 'included' in the price I paid, but I don't know exactly what that is yet. If it's not vivera, hopefully I'll be allowed to use whatever amount has been earmarked for the retainer cost, and put it towards the viveras and get the 'upgrade'. We'll have to talk seriously about what she thinks will do best.
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