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Vivera Retainers

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Hi guys! (If you're still all here!)

I updated you a few months ago telling you that i lost my retainer somewhere in the middle of Australia.

We'll i've replaced them with vivera...The original essix style i had did its job wonderfully, but rather bulky compared to invisalign like i was used to.

So i shelled out money to "upgrade" to the vivera.

I've had them for a few days, initially with the test fit at the ortho it was rather a tight squeeze to get them on. I was instructed to wear them full time for a few days (I didn't, I'm bad) and they'll sort themselves out.

What i thought initially, i got a fair bit of countering done when i finished treatment. We didn't take new impressions, we just ordered the vivera's off the system. (yay for no moulds) but i trusted my orhto's skills.

After a few hours of wearing them after leaving the ortho, it felt exactly like Invisalign days, kind of ache-ie pain in certain teeth. ANYWAYS, they now fit how they should and my teeth actually look better than they have been in the past few months. They feel exactly how they were when i first left the ortho's office when finished treatment. Obviously my final Invisalign trays weren't so good at holding things where they should be!!!

As for the product themselves. They're exactly like the Invisalign trays, but just a tiny bit thicker. Comparing them both on my teeth, you can't definitely see the extra thickness.

Anyways, heres a picture of them in. Teeth are still nice and white from the nite white treatment too!


I highly recommend them over essix. As for the price, it works out $20 extra than essix at my ortho's office. The only downer is that you have to purchase multiple retainers at once.

Hope everyone else is going brilliantly!


  1. Invisaligned's Avatar
    Wow I can't get over how perfect your teeth are. Looks right out of an Invisalign poster!

    The retainer looks good, I'll probably go with that if I'm able.
  2. SopranoKris's Avatar
    Looks great! Thanks for letting us know about the difference between the Essix and the Vivera retainers. Definitely helpful :)
  3. Millenia's Avatar
    We are still here, but barely. Your teeth are so pretty. My problem is I can't remember which is which when my ortho talks about them. I'll have to remember, vivera, vivera, vivera.

    I'm afraid Wingz and Random may have left us.. They never talk to us any more.
  4. hollins2007's Avatar
    Great smile! :)

    Millenia: Yeah, them and snhamilton has disappeared too :(
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