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Invisalign, in refinement state

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Hello! I finished 28 trays of Invisalign in late September and I am now in the refinement stage. I have 11 refinement trays and should be done in March! I absolutely love my results and I am sorry I waited so long (I'm 55!). I'm trying to decide if I want the permanent retainer (easier) or the Viviera retainer -- what are your thoughts on this?
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  1. hollins2007's Avatar
    Oh my goodness!! The difference is AMAZING! You must be thrilled :)

    I can't speak for the retainer issue, as I'm still in my first round of trays... but personally I want to get Vivera because I don't like the thought of a permanent metal wire behind my teeth. But that's just me!
  2. viktoriajv's Avatar
    Thank you! I am absolutely amazed at the improvement! Do you know how the vivera program works -- I heard something about getting 4 retainers and it is a subscription? Do you know the details?