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Take Two: My Second Go at a Straighter Smile

Tray 27

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Oops, I forgot to update! I've had my new trays for over a week (so halfway done with this tray) and I've neglected an update. Sorry about that :) Though I doubt many people are reading this, haha. Well, if there's a few that are keeping up, (all two of you) then here ya go ;)

Tray 27 started off quite painful. From what I remember with the Clincheck, now that my formerly-crooked right lateral incisor is in line with my central incisors and left lateral incisor, those four teeth are moving backwards in my mouth the next few trays. I think that's where the pain was coming from, because my lateral incisors were sore. Not fun. But at least it subsided after a few days. And it wasn't THAT bad, just comparatively more pain than usual.

My teeth still aren't tracking like they should (as you can see in the picture - the gaps below my right central and lateral incisors). In fact, the end of the left side of the tray wouldn't stay over the molar for the first few days. I kept biting it down. It's finally settled, but it was stubborn!


I only have 10 trays after this one, so I'm hoping they'll fit enough that I can continue with these trays. But I know I'm going to need refinements. I knew that I was probably going to need them from the beginning, but since those gaps aren't going away, and it's not looking as straight as it should (at this point), that it's a sure thing. While I'm not surprised - I was warned by my ortho that most patients need refinements - I guess I was hoping I'd be done sooner rather than later. I just hope it doesn't take a ton of refinement trays to perfect things.

Okay, not much else to update on. The same old same old (school/work/dance/doggies/cat). All is well. Busy. Haha.
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  1. Millenia's Avatar
    Another month, another two trays. We are getting there little by little. I may not notice posts immediately but I find them eventually. I guess we don't really need all of the support now like we did in the beginning. I used to come here daily, now I come here about once or twice a week. I don't want to miss any final reveals.
  2. Thomas_9's Avatar
    Sucks about not fitting. Hope it won't have too much drama for you!