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Take Two: My Second Go at a Straighter Smile

Tray 28

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Not too much to update on! Changed to Tray 28 on Tuesday night. A little soreness, but thankfully not as much as Tray 27! Still not tracking completely right, but at least they still mainly fit... so I may be able to avoid mid-course correction and can just do refinements after. My next appointment is a week from Tuesday.

Can't believe Thanksgiving is almost here, which means the holiday season is coming soon. I haven't even done any Christmas shopping yet! Ha. I feel like the holidays have come out of nowhere. But, it will be nice to spend it with family. I'm seeing them for Thanksgiving, then will visit again at Christmas. They're not too far away, thankfully, but still a bit of a drive. So I don't get to see them as much as I'd like.

I feel like the boards and blogs have become quiet!

Oh, almost forgot to post my picture :)

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  1. SopranoKris's Avatar
    Let's hope you can just go on to refinements and only need small movements instead of a full mid-course correction. My left canine just will not extrude and my ortho had to remove the attachment on it because it wasn't seating properly because it hadn't moved into the correct position. He said we'd address it in refinements, so let's hope you get to do the same! :)

    I'm with ya on Christmas. Who has time right now? We are slowing moving towards the end. It sure does feel SLOW, doesn't it?
  2. Millenia's Avatar
    The boards aren't nearly as active as last year but that's because most of us 'October kids' are almost finished. We've got most of our obsessiveness over with and don't really have any questions left. We're here to support the newcomers as much as we can. Although it appears Wingz has flat disappeared. I'm hoping he'll at least come back for the big reveal when he's done. I'm still switching every week but what that means is my teeth hurt pretty much all the time. I'd rather put up with it and get this over with faster, though.

    I'm going to miss you ladies, though.
  3. Thomas_9's Avatar
    They're looking good! Can't see much happening but I'm sure there is movement!

    The boards went quiet ever since I finished is my theory! It must be coming up 8/9 or so months now...but as I said in my final entry, I'm planning to come back until our little group is finished! Might not be as regular, but every now and then I think to check it!

    I'm with you for Christmas! This year has gone to fast! I was at the shops yesterday and it really hit me...Christmas carols, santas, decorations, I really need to start gift shopping!

    Hope you guys had a lovely thanksgiving and I'm sure ill be back to say merry Christmas!
  4. Millenia's Avatar
    And you, Thomas. I'll miss you too. Yes, the board died when you left, it seems. I'm sure someone else will come along one day and spark it back up again but it has been rather quiet the last several months.
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