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Take Two: My Second Go at a Straighter Smile

The R-Word!!!!

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As I'm writing this, I'm supposed to change to Tray 29 tonight but haven't done so yet (ordered a pizza to have a late dinner... would've done so earlier, but ended up having a 2-hour phone conversation with a very dear friend of mine). ANYWAY I am so excited that I couldn't wait to post about it. I'll do the obligatory "Tray 29" post later to update about pain/movement/etc.

So what is this news? I had my orthodontist appointment today. Was given Trays 29-32. Had my (last) IPR done. Then my orthodontist decided next appointment, I'd get my molds done for refinements! So we're skipping Trays 32-37 and going straight to refinements. I was soooo surprised!! But kind of excited! I REALLY hope I don't need many refinement trays. Or attachments. Or IPR. But it's nice to know the next stage is coming! And I'll get to use the new SmartTrack material! My appointment is at the end of January, so there's some time... but it's so exciting!!!!


  1. Millenia's Avatar
    Awesome! I'm glad he decided to go ahead and move on to refinements. Hopefully it won't take too many to get that one tooth back into place. Refinements are sort of anti-climactic, though. Very little movement going on. All the big stuff has already happened. But we are getting there, ladies. We are getting there.
  2. SopranoKris's Avatar
    Yay! That's awesome news :)