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Take Two: My Second Go at a Straighter Smile

Tray 29!

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Okay, so I let time get away from me. I'm over halfway done with Tray 29, and just now talking about it. Haha.

The usual soreness but nothing special.

The orthodontist appointment, well, I talked about last entry (refinements are coming sooner than I thought!!!) but I also had more IPR done. It was a little rougher between a couple of the teeth, but the others already had plenty of space. I still can't tell when I look in the mirror where it was done... which is a good thing!

I still can't believe I get to move to refinements after Tray 32!!

Okay, that is all for now.

Except pictures!

My teeth today, on Tray 29...

My teeth over a year ago, pre-Invisalign...
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