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Take Two: My Second Go at a Straighter Smile

Moving my blog...

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So, the site isn't as vibrant as it was last year, and seems the site itself has had its technical issues... but I still want to blog my journey and show the photographic progress of my teeth. So I copied my prior entries and saved my photos off-site. I made a new entry about Tray 30, so feel free to pop on over and check it out (though it's not terribly exciting, haha)


I'll still check out the boards though :)


  1. W1ngz's Avatar
    Isn't as vibrant is an understatement. I wonder what happened. The natural up and down cycle of things perhaps.
  2. SopranoKris's Avatar
    Yeah, I miss the "old days" when this was an active board! Maybe it's because there are so many of us that are nearly done? Bummer :(

    I bookmarked your blog so I can still keep up with your progress. The boards seem to go down a lot. I had posted updated pics of my last tray and comparison photos from when I started. They're completely gone. Can't figure out why.

    Merry Christmas!! Hope you have a wonderful holiday :)
  3. hollins2007's Avatar
    W1ngz: Good to see you! How are things going? Yeah, it is probably a cycle. Oh well.

    Kris: Yeah, a lot of those that were here before have finished! Good for them, but sad for us left behind! lol! Weird that your pics went missing! I know the site went down (ironically while I was in the process of copying my entries off-site) for a day or two, and all posts from December randomly went missing, but then they came back after it went down and came back again. Not sure what's been going on with the site, but noticing spammers are posting blogs again...

    Anyway, Merry Christmas you guys :)
  4. admin's Avatar
    Sorry about that. Between the spammers and hackers, we have had a tough couple months around here! I do plan on getting these jazzed up around here again this year and getting the action back.. so hand in there :)
  5. SopranoKris's Avatar
    Thanks, admin! It's just ridiculous that spammers & hackers feel the need to mess with a board about orthodontia...ridiculous! We appreciate the hard work :)
  6. hollins2007's Avatar
    I ditto what Kris said! It's not your fault, admin :) But it doesn't make sense why they attack this site! Oh well. Hope next year will have less spam/hacking and more people posting about their orthodontic journeys :)
  7. admin's Avatar
    Thanks for hanging in there. :)
  8. Millenia's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by W1ngz
    Isn't as vibrant is an understatement. I wonder what happened. The natural up and down cycle of things perhaps.
    W1ngz! We've been wondering where you were.

    Hollins, I understand your avatar now. I've been on a Dr. Who marathon over the Christmas holiday. I can't believe I've never watched this show before. I'm hooked.
  9. Millenia's Avatar
    Anybody want to start a porn site, btw? I'm pretty sure I can provide instructions.
  10. hollins2007's Avatar
    Millenia: Yep, I'm a big Doctor Who fan. Saw one episode when I spent a semester in London in 2005, but didn't think much of it. Then I got back to the States and missed everything British. So when SciFi Channel (I think it was) started airing Doctor Who, I just HAD to watch. Got my mom into it too. Been hooked ever since! Now I'm starting to watch the classic series on Netflix!

    And yeah, all the porn spam blogs are getting annoying. Why harass an orthodontics site, of all places??
  11. Millenia's Avatar
    They were on SciFi? I found them on my cable On Demand but never could figure out what channel they were from. I thought it was BBC but they weren't showing up there. I remember several years ago when BBC was advertising the new doctor. I thought they were starting over and tried to watch but it was too confusing. It was obviously not the beginning of anything. Now I get it. I know what 'new doctor' means. I'm on Season 4. I see where they have a new Doctor again in the current season. It's a bit hard to adjust when they keep switching characters but I still love it. Now I can feel enlightened when I see Dr. Who references in pop culture and I know what they're talking about.
  12. hollins2007's Avatar
    It was on SciFi YEARS ago (before it became SyFy), but then it only aired on BBC America. I no longer have satellite and don't have cable, so I buy the episodes on Amazon Instant video. Most of the new series are on Hulu Plus and Netflix (though Netflix is missing one of the specials; not sure how current they go though). Yep, the Doctor regenerates so it allows the character to remain with a new actor (and new quirks!) I'm excited to see how Peter Capaldi will be in the new season, though we won't see it until August or September :(
  13. Millenia's Avatar
    I think I'm going to move this discussion to your blog. :)
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