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Braces & Invisalign Forums FAQ

Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.

Rules Of Conduct

BracesReview.com is a free resource available to anyone around the world. We reserve the right to edit threads and post along with ban users for not abiding to our rules of conduct. We have the final say in what goes. We ask our users to please report violations as you see them. We have a zero tolerance on the following rules of conduct.
  • Be Respectful Of Others at All Times.
    The purpose of our forum is to provide a helpful resource to those seeking information about orthodontics and dentistry. Insults, derogatory posts, or purposeless post do not add value to our forum, so don’t waste your time. We have a zero tolerance rule in effect and will result in immediate ban.
  • Personal Attacks Will Result In Immediate Ban.
    Attacking another forum member will not be tolerated. Any evidence of a personal attack will result in immediate ban.
  • No Bashing Users
    Bashing users indirectly through means of post or threads will also not be permitted. We ask that you keep off this forum totally.
  • Trolling Will Result In Immediate Ban
    Trolling is the act of making a post just to anger another member and spark a heated debate for that has no purpose or value.
  • Members Are Allowed Just 1 Username
    Each member only needs one account. Creating several accounts is allowed and will result in a ban for all the accounts.
  • Respect the privacy of others.
    Do not post phone numbers, email addresses, etc that the user would not want displayed on a public forum.
  • No Discrimination
  • No Profanity
    Keep the post clean and friendly. Profanity will be removed immediately.
  • Do Not Reply To An Old Thread
    Replying to an old thread will not be permitted. You are advised to start a new thread.
  • No Spamming
    Spam will not be tolerated. Do not post a thread with links to advertise other sites and products. This will be seen as spam and be deleted.
  • No Signature Advertising Allowed
    Do not join and make a post just to advertise your website through a signature link. A ban will be immediately issued. Orthodontists that are in our directory and contribute to the forums are the exception.
  • No Private Messaging Advertising Or Spamming
    You may not join this forum and send out private messages to members as advertisements.

We reserve the right to edit these Terms Of Service at anytime without notice. It is your responsibility to check these rules often for updates and become familiar with them.

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