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    MegJ Guest


    I went to the orthodontist yesterday and was told my teeth can be fixed in 12 months. Then he told me about wearing a retainer for a few moths and then just at night and then just a few days a week for the rest of my life.
    This is the first time I've heard that people need to wear retainers after their braces are off. So, I was wondering why would I want to for the rest of my life keep putting something into my mouth. I think I'd rather keep my teeth the way they are than put up with such inconvenience for the rest of my life.
    How do others deal with that? No one seems to have a problem with that and I am curious why as this is a big deal for me.

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    michaelY Guest
    the retainer is a VERY minor inconvenience. Wearing it at night only while you sleep is really no big deal and it will keep your teeth still.

    Your teeth will alwasy be moving, so the retainer keeps them put.

    THe retainer just after braces off, acts as the braces to hold them in... so it is very important you wear it quite often!

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    MegJ Guest
    thanks michaelY.
    I just feel like that's a big deal to keep doing this all our life. I just don't think I am even going to remember to do that for the rest of my life. I feel like it's almost as bad as having dentures. It's something you have to carry with you everywhere you go in a container so you can put it on when you go to sleep. You have to remember to have this thing with you all the time. This is the main thing that is holding me back. Do I want to fork out a lot of $$$ so I can make my life inconvenient? I go to sleep at night with a guy/boyfriend/husband whatever and he sees me with this thing in my mouth, that's funny to me. I can't convince myself that this is something I want to do.
    Please convince me that this is not a big deal.

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    I'm not at the retainer stage yet Meg, but I've had to wear bite guards at night, before braces, to help with the jaw pain I had. There was minimal inconvenience, as I always brush my teeth before going to bed and then in the guard would go. It never affected my life in bed ...

    Taking it with me was easy, as it had it's own container and it went in my handbag, with other body care products ... like deordarant and lippie.

    I suggest you don't consider starting ortho treatment, unless you're totally comfortable with the idea of wearing a retainer for life. All people alive will have their teeth moving. For most it's minor, but if your teeth have been moved using orthodontics, there is a high chance they'll try to return to where they came from. Also usually teeth drift forward as we get older, so if you have crowding in the front, it will continue to get worse. If you have gaps in the front, this allows for even more movement.

    Many adults seeking treatment are second and third timers, due to lack of retainer wear. Some of these people are not to blame for this though, as a fewyears ago, not all ortho's realised the need for retainers for life, and often prescribed six months or one years full time wear and left it at that. Fortunately we now know that if we want our teeth to remain where ortho treatment moves them, it's retainers for life.

    Good luck!
    After 5 years, 11 months and two days of stainless steel brackets ... my teeth now have upper and lower bonded, gold wire, retainers and removable clear retainers!

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