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  1. Question from adult facing braces for the 2nd time, 35 years later...

    Hello all--as a kid I had what back then were super "high-tech" plastic braces, 35 years ago... Now I need them again, and things have changed a LOT. Everyone says they're "not as bad" as they used to be, smaller, lower-profile, etc. But I'm wondering what exactly "not as bad" means?!

    I'm a teacher and I have to talk for hours and hours every day. Rubbing, chafing, wires digging into my mouth--these things will destroy me. As a kid, on a really bad day I could stay home from school, sit quietly and nurse my pain. Nowadays, professionally that's simply NOT an option.

    In order to survive my job AND braces at the same time, I'm thinking that maybe I'll have to ask that we "just" do the top arch alone first, and maybe do the bottom later (which I THINK will be doable); don't want to sound like a baby, but I literally cannot do my work with a whole mouthful of sore-spots and digging wires....

    Could you tell me your experiences with ceramic braces? And the wire-tubes in the back, on the molars? I'd like to hear from the patients--rather than the dentists--about how bad it really is. If you're an adult on your second set of braces, and can compare them, even better. Thanks!

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    I had metal braces as a kid (with headgear...ugh!). Now, at the age of 43, I had to get braces again because my teeth went right back to where they used to be. I'm doing Invisalign this time around, which are much more comfortable than traditional metal. However, even if you're getting metal, it is just going to take some time to get your mouth adjusted to the appliances attached to your teeth. You can use wax to help with the rough feeling until your skin has time to develop callouses. It's still going to be sore every time you get your wires tightened every six weeks. There's no way around that. Taking Aleve or Advil helps. I also find using chewies REALLY helps alleviate the soreness. It sounds counterintuitive, but it really works! When you bite on the chewies, it stimulates blood flow to the area and helps enable the bone remodeling process. They're very inexpensive and definitely worth it. I use them daily.

    Good luck!
    Invisalign Start Date: 1-17-2013

    Initial round of treatment: 24 U&L, 14 attachments
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    Upper retainer 1/14/15

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    I never had braces as a kid but I am currently using metal self-ligating braces by GAC I think... Innovation-R? haha not entirely sure because where I am from everyone calls them damons =.= kind of like how colgate is used to refer to toothpaste.

    In terms of sores I do get them occasionally from my canines because they are like fangs (the reason why I have them on) but I just wax them for 2-3 days and it goes away very quickly. I have not had a day where I wanted to just stay in bed to nurse the pain due to sores... I did feel that way when my ortho put TADs into my lower jaw to fix my underbite but it only lasted a day and one pain killer got the job done!

    When I first got the wire tubes on the back it did give me sores for a week or so but again I solved it by rubbing wax all over them and it worked! Again not so much pain that I want to go home and crawl into bed... Now I hardly even notice it is there! Only thing I hated was the TPA which came with the molar bands x.x that hurt my tongue really badly especially since I have to do alot of talking at work... once I got home I just didn't want to have a conversation with anyone as it it so much x.x this one wax could not cure. In the end I went back to my ortho after 2 weeks and he cut it off for me as it had already done the movements he wanted. I was in pain and lispy x.x

    As for wires digging... never had too much of a problem with it... mostly put wax on and that was the end of the pain. Only made an emergency appointment once to cut the long wires.

    In conclusion TPA aside (which you probably would not need since it's your second time) my experience has been quite pleasant and not as horrible as some describe it to be ^^;; Don't know if it is because of the new technology or me having a high threshold for pain.



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