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  1. What should I do with my dentist?

    I am currently in the treatment planning stage for ClearCorrect. Two months ago, I saw an ad saying that 75% off from invisalign ($5400). I was so glad and thought that it was a good deal.
    I went in for an invisalign consultation and the dentist said "i am a candidate for Invisalign" so I paid all $2500 up front on the same day.
    A month later I get a starter tray. I founded out that it was from ClearCorrect and not Invisalign as the advertise. She Never told me about this at all. However, I just ignore it. During waiting for the first phase tray. I went to at least 7 orthodontics for invisalign consultation. ALL OF THEM told me that my case cant be treat by clear aligner since it is too complicated. One of orthodontics told me "If I want to do clear aligner, it is better not to do anything at all! since it will make it worse." One of the dentist that went told me honestly that I am NOT a good candidate for clear aligner although he did only clear aligner, not braces. I have upper overjet and could not close my mouth.
    The dentist that I paid for will plan to move lower jaw outward to correct my overjet. Which I learn from other orthodontics that it is not the right way to correct the problem. I won't see any different at the end! I doubted that the only reason that she said I can be treated my clear aligner because she did not practice the regular braces!

    I called the dentist and said politely that I would like to cancel the treatment since it is not right for me. She said it is too late since she already receive the first tray. After talking, she agreed to give me $1000 back. She told me that she already paid $15000 to the lab and she will refund her part just to make me happy. My plan took only 9 months with 12 trays. It is not even unlimited case!

    I looked it up online and found that the company charge the dentist for 12 trays around $695 for the full treatment. I just do not think that she paid the lab $1500. I did not even know whether she get some refund from the lab. I did not even start my treatment and now I'm losing $1500. I am just a college student and working on campus a year long to earn that amount of money.
    Please suggest me. Thank you very much
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    Sounds like you might need to consult an attorney.
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