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  1. Braces have ruined my face!

    Hi everyone! Basically I had my braces on in year 9 and wore them for two years. I had 4 teeth out and the treatment seemed to be going well, initially. However, I soon started to realise that my upper teeth were being pulled rather far back and it didn't look quite right. My orthadontist was telling me to wear these elastics to bring it back but it was never far forward in the first place! I had a GOOD bite before the braces! Anyway, she said it was fine and foolishly I trusted her. Now, 3 years on and after having them off I am incredibly unhappy with how they have left my face! My top front teeth slope inwards and are SOOO far back it makes my nose look huge and I kind of look like a rat!! I hate it so much! My orthadontist said I could have the braces on again and i was wondering if anyone knew if this would help my situation? Thanks! :)

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    Ever considered to seek a second opinion from a different orthodontist? Given that you were unhappy with the first results...?

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    I certainly wouldn't go to the same ortho that caused this. Do some research on the orthos in your area and find one that specializes in correcting facial structure.
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    Sorry to hear about your experience. As noted by others, the braces did not ruin your face. The treatment plan and treatment progress by your orthodontist has changed the way your face looks. It may be best if you decide to seek another opinion if you are not happy with your first treatment. Good luck!
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