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    Viera retainers are amazing!

    So I received my Viera retainers today. Wow! They are so much better than the ortho made ones. They are a much more snug fit. I like that they are cut like invisalign aligners. So not just a straight line across your gums. They are much thinner then what I had but feel stronger. Also they are cut really well. With aligners I had to always file sharp edges. But these are cut perfectly. So happy with them. They are so much more comfortable.

    I have noticed already though that the smooth outer layer seems to rub away where the retainers hit each other when biting down. Much the same as the new smart track material did. Does everyone else have this same thing happen? Not a big issue though.
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  2. Oh no! This is what I feared :/

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    The fit of "ortho-made" retainers can be very similar or superior to Vivera fit depending on the material and the person making it. In our office, we have a certified lab technician make our "in-house" retainers. She is amazing at getting the gingival margins accurate and ensuring excellent fit, as long as the impression was taken well.

    There are a very wide range of qualities and materials for "in-house" clear retainers. It may be a good idea to ask your orthodontist before you start to see what they have.
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