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Thread: Jaw Surgery?

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    jdmkid Guest

    Jaw Surgery?

    i use to grind my jaw a lot when i was younger.. as u know it my ortho recommended me to get a jaw surgery to make it even and i would be able to close my mouth with my teeth align correctly.. at this moment i do have braces on and currently i told my doc i just wanted the braces on without the surgery bcus i guess i was afraid before haha.. so at this moment if i close my bottom jaw it doesnt close all the way bcus of my teeth.. my underbite and over bite both meet each other.. if u guys dont get what i mean, what im trying to say is my teeth on the bottom jaw isnt under inside my top jaw like a normal persons mouth would be with straight teeth.. my bottom teeth is stopping my top teeth from closing.

    im jw, would my teeth still be straight since my ortho said i can still do it without surgery? is this a painful surgery? would it leave scars on my face? how does jaw surgery work? where are they cutting you open to fix your jaw?!
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    michaelY Guest
    Sounds like you have an edge to edge bite. I have seen many cases including MINE, in which an edge to edge can be corrected with the uses of braces only. The correction is not perfect but makes a big difference.

    They use a palatal expander to widen your upper jaw and then use rubber bands to move the upper over the lower. A lot of times when wearing the palatal expander your upper jaw moves forward anyways.

    I would find an ortho that has experience with all this before considering surgery. As this site recommends, sometimes you need 5 or 10 ortho opinions before finding the righ tone...

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    jdmkid Guest
    thanks michael, i think that was my mistake i made.. all i ever did was go to one ortho and just got them done there on the spot.. i never went around to any other orthos for opinions. i just went to an ortho that my sister went too when she was my age..

    apparently they said something about the right side of my bottom jaw was uneven with my top jaw that wouldnt allow it to close properly? plus the front on both jaws was edge to edge also.. so by the time im done with my braces ill be fine with whatever results as long as they dont turn back like b4!! ;\

    my jaw makes clicking noises at the end of my jaw line on my right side.. im jw would medicare cover these surgery if i did request to get it done?! i do not have dental insurance at this moment =[
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    in most cases insurance does not cover the jaw surgery unless you can convince them it is non cosmetic and affects your eating, talking, etc. It is a tough case to prove and hopefully your oral surgeoun staff has experience in these cases

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    Shasbob Guest

    Jaw Surgery

    I AM having surgery in about 3 wks. to correct a severe crossbite (due to narrow upper jaw) I've had all my life & didnt' know it till I now have braces for 2nd time. Orthodontist in the 70's didn't know what to do w/me, so he just left it. The didn't do this type of surg. like to do now, it's common now. I'll have to admit, I'm anxious but I'm gowing thru w/it because I want my mouth to close & want "that perfect smile" like everyone else. I also have severe TMJ which causes my lower jaw to close slight to the left. I'm lucky I guess, I'm double covered & the dr's have diagonised it as a deformity in my bone structure, so Medical (not dental) ins. is paying. Thank GOD! They will not be cutting the outside of my face at all, will be cutting bones & correcting all on the inside of my mouth only. I know & anticipate a ton of discomfort but in the long run, I know it'll be the best thing I've ever done. I know my jaw will be "wired" shut for approx. 6 wks, & I've prepared for it. It's a small amount of time in my life that will be all worth it in the long run. I'll try & get back during my recovery & after it's all done.
    NOTE: I went to 3 consults w/diff. orthodontists, 1 wanted to only break my jaw, 1 was sort of rude & didn't want to even help me, however the most expensive & I think, best in our area, has been able to help me & I certinaly appreciate it. Hopefully you can find one where you live.

  6. Good luck with your surgery and let us know how you do... i'm sure you will like the results..

    I have a crossbite that is livable... but know where you are coming from...

  7. Surgery

    In Ontario Canada, the OHIP (Ontario Government Health Care) provided for all residents with jaw surgery coverage only for bad situations. My ortho. told me jaw surgery cost $10,000 and the OHIP would cover $8000. That means $2000 cost to me.

    Not sure if I should take advantage of this, cause final results is more likely to be satisfied before surgery. If not, after jaw surgery should take about a week before you can go back to work. He inform me I should tell him the decision after 1 year of having brace so he could prepare the alignment of the teeth. The total treatment without surgery would be 18 months or less.

    If it makes you happy, you should go for surgery.
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    if it is covered by insurance that would be awesome. But in most cases it is not, so a lot of people leave their bite issues... however the real severe ones can be covered...
    Finished Invisalign After 22 Trays
    Love The Results! :party:

  9. Jaw Surgery

    My case is severe, as I have trouble chewing on my right side, teeth do not touch at back end. This is due to my jaw is shifted to one side. Also my teeth touch each other at the front of the teeth. I think overall my teeth looks decent.

    I read an acticle below, is it acurate? most cases surgery is only one night hospital! Surgery takes only about 1- 2 hr per jaw per average.

    Jaw Surgery - About The Procedure

    My Brace Time Line :D

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    Shasbob Guest

    Red face Jaw Surgery

    K guys.... Wed., 3/19/08 is my day for surgery, upper & lower. We're going down to UCSF Tues., supposed to be home on Thurs. 3/21. I'll let you know how it went as soon as I can. I supposed I'll be sleeping a lot 1st few days, but I'll get back I all goes well, & I'm here.

    Shasbob in CA ;)

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    Jan 2008
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    Every best wish for a speedy recovery Shasbob!

    Jaw surgery is limiting to you for a few weeks after surgery, but if you follow all instructions carefully and do your best to get your buising out and swelling down, things will improve quickly.

    Sorry that you're having to have your jaw 'wired'. That's not done with most jaw surgery now, instead elastic bands are used. A few ortho's still prefer wiring, but they're mostly over it. No matter what, your jaw needs to be kept reasonably stable for a few weeks to enable the best healing environment.

    Good luck and I look forward to reading about how it goes for you!
    After 5 years, 11 months and two days of stainless steel brackets ... my teeth now have upper and lower bonded, gold wire, retainers and removable clear retainers!

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    hey shabob - how about a blog to track your progress. My already went though it, but I think it would help out around here.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by Shasbob View Post
    K guys.... Wed., 3/19/08 is my day for surgery, upper & lower. We're going down to UCSF Tues., supposed to be home on Thurs. 3/21. I'll let you know how it went as soon as I can. I supposed I'll be sleeping a lot 1st few days, but I'll get back I all goes well, & I'm here.

    Shasbob in CA ;)
    Let me know how many days until you can speak. Painful? Mouth shut for how many days? etc. The wait is over for you! Congratulations!!

    My Brace Time Line :D

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    mike5824 Guest
    I just had my $35,000 Underbite surgery done for free. I was responsible for paying for the hospital stay after surgery and for my Braces but still havenít gotten 1 bill yet.

    I had the Upper jaw moved forward & the Lower jaw moved back to fix a bad underbite after I wore the braces for about 2 years to first align the teeth better.

    I always had a bad smile especially if I smiled big so I asked Orthodontists and they all told me I NEED surgery to get braces.
    BRACES = $5,000+
    SURGERY = $35,000+
    So I prayed for about 4-5 years while thinking God would provide the $40,000. Then my wisdom teeth needed to be pulled and the Oral surgeon who did it asked me if I ever considered surgery for my Underbite and told me that his brother, also an Oral Surgeon, does those surgeries for free because it would be done in front of students so they can learn how its done and he has done lots of those surgeries and specializes in them. But I needed to talk to him and then get braces on until my teeth were straight. So I put braces on in 1 week from Drs. Selky & Reily in Grayslake, IL, USA.

    When my teeth were straight I met with the surgeon and we set a surgery date and, as I am typing this, its been 4 months after surgery. I have no numbeness or any complications. I get my braces off in 2 weeks and then Iím all done.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Sunny View Post
    Sorry that you're having to have your jaw 'wired'. That's not done with most jaw surgery now, instead elastic bands are used. A few ortho's still prefer wiring, but they're mostly over it. No matter what, your jaw needs to be kept reasonably stable for a few weeks to enable the best healing environment.
    Rubber bands do not replace wiring the jaws shut. It is the advent of rigid internal fixation that has meant this is possible for most (not all) procedures) for most (not all) patients. Small plates and screws (usually made from titanium - a very lightweight metal) are used to hold the different sections of the bone together correctly whilst they heal. And, unless they subsequently cause problems (which does occasionally happen) these plates and screws are left permanently in place - a second procedure is only required to remove them should they become loose, or should infection develop around them, and this is fairly unusual.

    Rubber bands do have a role to play for many (but not all) patients in the weeks immediately post-op, but that is more about helping guide the jaw muscles to their new positions. These elastics are generally rather light (lower forces) and are not there to hold the bony sections in place.

    Additionally some patients may also find that their doc likes to keep a splint in place for some period - sometimes even weeks - post-op. This is something that varies from one OMS to another, and even from one patient to another at the same OMS.

    Shasbob - I hope your surgery went well, and that you are coming along nicely with recovery now. Coming up on 5 weeks wired now, I think? I bet you're just itching to get those wires out! Best wishes for that.

    By the way - may I ask if your lower jaw was brought forward, or was it set back? Just wondering if you were wired due to the particular procedure your OS chose to use, and thought perhaps it was a set-back done by IVRO instead of BSSO.

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    Shasbob Guest

    Wink My Jaw Surgery - Post OP! :-)

    Thank YOU! My recover is coming along greatly, though I can't help but complain about the numbness left in my chin. I do have all my chin muscles working, just the lower gums, lip & chin areas are still numb. I do have little tinges of pain, tingling & itching periodically, and I know that's to be expected. Signs of "healing"... yea! I did get my rubber bands removed this past Wed. 4/23, and couldn't wait for the surg. hooks to be removed too...thanx to my ortho. he had schedule to do the next day, 4/24.. yea again! Now I just have to get used to eating till this all wears off.

    As for the 2nd question(s), my jaw was closing slightly to the left, I'm thinking from years of TMJ, plus I was blessed w/my father's family upper (smaller) & mother's family lower (wider), slightly throwing everything off there too... sooo, my OMS decided after working w/my impressions, he would 1st center my midline, move the jaw up slighly & tweek it so my upper/lower align together. Guess I was pretty messed up all my life & the orthodontists in the 70's just didn't have the technology they have today. I just knew there was alway something wrong, just couldn't pinpoint it. Another thing, I've only had 1 headache since my surg., & that's because the north wind was blowing that day. I'm hoping & praying this surgery too has alleviated the headache issues I've had for years. I've always thought it was my allergy issues. Time will tell.

    Okay, I've blabbed on enough. Anythine else? Just ask, I'm here to help anyone I can.

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    You're absolutely right! That tingling, itching, and pain is almost certainly an indicator that the IAN is recovering from the surgery, and hopefully you'll see a good deal of that feeling return to normal. Be patient as it can take a long time - sometimes many months - but it should certainly start to recede over the coming weeks.

    The news about your headaches is most encouraging - possible perhaps that your jaw issues were often the cause?

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    Jaw surgery is work on reducing aesthetic problems. It changed the shape and structure of jaws. It effects well and breaked and hardly damaged jaws which increase good stamina of its.

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    Jaw surgery is make better shape of face with creating mouth. It make balance of teeth and mouth for change attractive and better look of human face. Teeth is most shown and attractive part of human face which increased well to shine of face.

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    @mike5824 that is amazing ! Do you mind sharing the name or contact information of your surgeon , and do you know if he is still performing the surgery for free?



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