So for anyone unfamiliar with my story, my orthodontist retired a couple of months into my case and I was passed on to another orthodontist. Now that I'm nearing the end of my initial treatment I'm starting to get a little worried about where to go from here. While I was told my contract and plan would be completely seen out by the new orthodontist I get the feeling he may not be as confident treating with Invisalign as fixed braces. So far my experience with their office has been total chaos (e.g. not even having me in their system/not being able to process any payments at that office and having to phone in credit card details to another office site etc).

I've had a few questions along the way for the new orthodontist and he's seemed to always kind of brush them off but still answer them in the easiest way possible. When I said I was feeling pressure on one of my lower teeth that was causing a lot of sensitivity he filed around it the next two times I saw him, however now with only one set of aligners left I have two big gaps either side of that tooth. When I asked him about my midline not matching he said he couldn't move teeth sideways with Invisalign but could with fixed braces. If teeth can't be moved sideways with Invisalign then how did I get 2mm gaps behind my premolars that weren't previously there? Surely the teeth had to be moved sideways to achieve that?

At no point since taking on my case has he had any real discussion with me about my case, I've never seen him for more than 3 minutes, and not once have I seen a single other person in that office with Invisalign> I even once called to ask a question and the receptionist didn't even know what Invisalign was.

This particular orthodontist group does do Invisalign and has several office sites and most of their orthodontists see people at multiple sites so I know they must have some dealing with Invisalign.

At this point I'm just worried that I'll walk into my next appointment when we're meant to discuss refinements and feel unprepared and take someones word for something that really they aren't confident in themselves. I'm paying nearly 8 thousand dollars for this and I just feel like because only some of that is going to this particular office I'm either being rushed through treatment so they can get back to patients they're getting full payments out of or he's not 100% confident in using Invisalign and wants me to change over to fixed braces (which I am totally not going to do unless I have to).

I guess I was wondering if anyone here can answer any of my questions so I'm at least a little prepared to know where I stand before taking this orthodontists word for it.

First of all can my midline be corrected with Invisalign? Secondly, can a tooth that is tilted backwards slightly be tilted forward to be in line with the other front teeth? Thirdly, one of my premolars seems to sit more towards the inside that the premolar on the other side (you can see the attachment but not the tooth from the side, on the other side you can see the attachment and the tooth), can this be corrected so it doesn't look like I have a missing tooth once the attachment comes off? And lastly, right now (even though I know I have a couple of aligners left) the only place my teeth meet with my aligners off is on my right central incisors and no where else but it seems to be where that tooth is a little jagged and where I was having that tooth contoured later on. Will the contouring fix that at all or would more need to be done?

I know it might be a little difficult to answer these questions but if anyone has any experience/advice it would realllllllly help. I may be able to get some photos of the areas too if that would help.