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    Done first round of invisalign (before and after)

    Hi guys ,

    So I finished my first round of invisalign (29 trays / 2 weeks each). The before picture was taken on 09/19/2013 and I started invisalign on 10/19/2013. The after picture was taken on 11/18/2014 and now as of 12/18/2014 I am beginning my second round of Invisalign (16 trays / 10 days each)

    before.jpg after.jpg

    I noticed something weird with my refinement trays. I haven't had a chance as to what is the plan for my treatment but for some reason my canine teeth are programmed in the trays to move away from my front 4 teeth. I have attached pics of the trays below. Seems like my smile will be getting worse with the way the trays are set up. Can anyone speculate as to why the trays would be set up like this , or if any of you have experienced something similar.

    First pic will be tray 1 of the refinement and on the right is tray 8 of 16 refinement.

    IMAG0090-1.jpg IMAG0085-1.jpg

  2. Maybe to make room for it to move into place? I had a turned tooth to and there was a small gap created on moments to since the turned tooth needs more room when it isnt turned anymore. But if you are worried iTS best to ask your ortho.



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