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  1. how come I didn't get viera retainers????

    had my treatment finished a month ago. I had the full invisalign package. Don't they come with vivera retainers? Instead I got ortho made ones. It's big and goes above my teeth around my gum. uncomfotable and can't talk when I wear them.

  2. I guess that is what your contact called for and what they charged u for who knows. That's likely what I'll end up with as well but I'm currently using my last couple of invisalign trays as retainers as that is how my plan was set up and will have them to wear until I have some more dental work done and then will need my real retainer need.

    If I'm not happy with what I end up with I'm going to ask for the most comfortable option even if I have to pay. I'm going to need to wear them forever more or less so I've already spent too much to start pinching pennies if I'm not comfortable

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    No, Vivera retainers are not included in Invisalign treatment. It depends on the contract you have with your ortho. Mine includes either a Hawley or Essix retainers in the price of treatments. However, getting Vivera would be an additional charge because he'd have to send them to AlignTech to be made. He can do the Hawley or the Essix in house.
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    Correct SopranoKris. The Invisalign lab fee paid by the doctor does not include any retainers. The type of retainer and whether there is any cost involved, will depend on the individual office and contract. The cost of a Vivera subscription costs far more than even an external lab-made hawley or essix and depending on the quality of the essix material and who has made it, may not actually be a superior retainer.
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    I had the Essix retainers made by the orthodontist while waiting for the refinements. I could not talk without lisping horribly and they were very uncomfortable. I took nail scissors and cut them down then filed them. The Orthodontist said that it was perfectly fine :)

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    Sadly no they are not included, the thing that bugs me about all these stories is that most consumers dont even think about retention and if they do the provider will say yes retainers are included.

    There are many types of retainers, no I am not a dentist but I do know just enough about them going through treatment with my sister is my provider.

    See, it basically comes down to this....COST! If you paid say 5k for full treatment and it comes time for retention and they can just stamp one out in the office or have a lab make you a hawley it saves them money over a vivera. I started out with vivera, they are good retainers and the best part is you can call and order more and you get 4 sets.

    I know what these cost the provider, but I wont say as all providers seem to charge a different amount for them. I have heard providers charging 500-800 for 4 sets that will probably last you 2-4 years. My sister has a machine that makes a retainer similar to the vivera, not cut as perfect but they seem to hold up better, obviously your providerdoesnt have a similar machine.

    If you are not happy with that retainer, I would let them know and see what kind of deal they can get you for vivera. 100-150 a year is a good deal to keep you teeth straight.

    After thinking about it, you would think align would offer some sore of deal on your first set to get you set with them as your retention, as far as your providers decision to use what they used....its pure cost$$$
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