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    Jan 2013
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    As an adult, metal braces were just not an option for me. I had metal braces as a teen (endured palate expanders, head-gear, etc.) I was only given an upper retainer (nothing for the lower) and after my late 20s, my teeth went back to being crooked and the crossbite is coming back on the left side. The right side appears to be pretty straight, but the left is nearly back to it's original position (minus the canine "fangs" I used to have).

    After enduring the torture of metal braces for 2 years, there was no way on earth that I wanted to go through that again. So, for me, it wasn't a matter of metal braces vs. Invisalign. It was a matter of "can Invisalign fix my issues?" Luckily, I went to an ortho who is very experienced with Invisalign. He gave me the option of doing metal braces, but the time frames were nearly the same. Once we did the impressions and he had a chance to look at them on the computer, he said the Invisalign would definitely be able to correct my bite and overcrowding. I'm going to require attachments, but to me, it is well worth it to avoid having a metal mouth.

    I think the thing to keep in mind is that you can't say one thing is better than the other. You have to go with what makes sense for your own, individual case. One size does not fit all, so to speak :-)
    Invisalign Start Date: 1-17-2013

    Initial round of treatment: 24 U&L, 14 attachments
    Refinements 1/28/14: 22 U&L, 16 attachments, 3 metal buttons, 5 elastics

    Lower retainer 12/23/14, circumferential elastics
    Upper retainer 1/14/15

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    RedLipstick Guest
    At my consultation, back in September, my orthodontist presented me several treatment options. My decision wasn't difficult. I wanted THE braces that work fast & strong. I went for metal braces and NEVER regretted it.

    I had conversations with a few people who wore/wear Invisalign. Each and everyone of them regretted/regret their decision. Their two main complaints were/are the long treatment time & the final results (compared to metal & ceramic braces).

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    I have had metal braces twice and Invisalign once. I had metal braces the first time because some of my permanent teeth were coming in and being ground down (even though I didnīt have all my permanent teeth).

    The second time, I had to get braces again because all my permanent teeth had come in, and had created a lot of crowding, so I got bicuspid extraction, followed by another 2 years of braces.

    The last time, I realized that my ortho had left a lot to be desired with my smile (I had a midline discrepancy - where the middle of the bottom and the top teeth do not line up and are not both in the middle of my face) and my bite was not aligned correctly on one side (called a class III occlusion). In addition, there was a gap where food was constantly getting stuck. I also wasnīt all too fond of how narrow my smile was - there was a lot of black space on either side. I was working for Align Technology at the time, so I decided that I should try our product.

    2 years later, my smile is better but not perfect. The gap is closed, and the molars and premolars are lined up somewhat better, but the midline is still off - pushing them further seemed to just tip them to the side rather than moving them from the roots, despite having the ceramic-attachments which should have helped the aligners grip the teeth better. My orthodontist was a Premier Provider (a very experienced Invisalign doctor).

    I donīt think I would have been willing to do metal braces again, or even ceramic braces. But I do somewhat wish I had looked into lingual braces. I write articles to help people with their decision now.

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    I decided on Invisalign 18 months ago to treat some crowding and horizontal movement in my teeth. After 24 upper and lower trays and another 20 trays of refinement Invisalign unfortunately only got me 80% of the way. They did a great job on the tough areas however my teeth were not perfect and the remaining Invisalign trays struggled to correct some rotation and vertical movement. As a result I now wear braces on my upper and lower teeth to finish up the treatment which was the best course of action after lengthy discussions with my Orthodontist.

    If you are considering Invisalign rest assured they do a great job however I would seek more than one opinion and make sure you don't settle for a 80% smile. Braces are precise, apply more force and in my experience will do the best job. Fortunately my braces are clear and don't attract much attention.

    Thanks !

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    Jan 2013
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    John, sorry to hear about your experience. However, Invisalign is an orthodontic technique and its success depends upon the skill of the orthodontist using the technique. Did your ortho not offer you refinements once your initial round of treatment was completed? I, too, had 24 trays in my initial treatment. I've now got 22 trays in refinements and now my teeth are finally looking great. I would have spent the same amount of time in braces.
    Invisalign Start Date: 1-17-2013

    Initial round of treatment: 24 U&L, 14 attachments
    Refinements 1/28/14: 22 U&L, 16 attachments, 3 metal buttons, 5 elastics

    Lower retainer 12/23/14, circumferential elastics
    Upper retainer 1/14/15

  6. Red face

    Usually more than a year, my friend did

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    coque HTC one mini 2
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    As a reminder, the number of aligners and time in treatment is specific to an individual and the competence of the orthodontist. You cannot compare your case to another without an analysis of each case. For best chances of the best result be sure you are seeing an orthodontist and not a dentist that also does braces or Invisalign.

  8. My teenage daughter and I are going through this together...she has traditional braces and I opted for Invisalign. She was given the choice. I have to say...she'd never make it with these. I wouldn't recommend them for young teens. I'm not a big snacker, so the fact that these have to stay in for approx. 22 hours is not a big deal, but having to bite the bullet and brush my teeth in random places just grosses her out. I find myself skipping a snack because i don't want to have to brush my teeth. I like the forced diet aspect of these!

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    my dentist has some new way for invisalign to fit better that also lowers the rejection chance, it's basically digital dental impressions. I have traditional braces for 3 years and thought about switching to invisalign because of the looks, but considering the downsides, i don't think it's worth it, i'll just stick to the old ones, they look more reliable to me :)

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    If you are facing tooth gap problem then Invisalign is a better option for adjusting the missing tooth gap, they are the substitute to metal braces. Nowadays Invisalign is used by an Orthodontist for teeth arrangement, it is made up of good material. If you want to get complete treatment details and advice get connected with an Eugnath.

  11. My recently did Invisalign with Dentzz dental in Delhi. Earlier we were a bit confused whether to go with traditional braces or invisalign. We did lot of research, we visited dentzz review blog, wherein patients have shared their experience on braces. So that is where we found the pros and cons of invisalign and then finalised on that.

  12. Tried Invisalign and it is good.



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