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    IPR disaster, living in a 3rd-world country, what do I do?

    Hello, I'm new here. I live abroad in a Certain Country that is infamous for dental fraud. People routinely set up dental offices who have never been to dental school, bribe officials to look the other way, etc. Patients are maimed every day, no joke. And dentists randomly proclaim themselves "orthodontists" with zero training, and there's no legal mechanism to prevent that.

    With all that in mind... long story but I needed to find a functional ortho, with a jaw specialization! I mean, that's hard enough to find even in a REAL country, you know? I finally found one who actually did go to school (I checked). He made an arch-expander for my top arch, and it's clear he truly does understand the jaw, which in my case is crucial.

    However, for some time I've suspected that he doesn't really understand teeth! Get this: last month he had to do some stripping because of severe overcrowding (he's right). He took a tiny and VERY rough strip, rammed it in between my front six teeth, wiggled it around near the gum and pulled it out. Took maybe 15 seconds total.

    I got home and in the mirror thought I saw black food stuck between two teeth--but no, it's a HUGE hole. He gouged new black holes in four places, on the two teeth on either side of the top front teeth, on both sides. (Do you follow me?) The teeth are now totally misshapen. And now every time I eat, huge gobs of food get stuck in there. I can't eat in public, it's disgusting!

    I'm trying to upload a photo of one tooth as an example, let's see if it works...

    It also didn't create anywhere near the space he thought it would. He thought one buck-tooth would be resolved; it did come down but then turned sideways for lack of space! But it's not surprising, because he didn't strip so much near the BOTTOM of the teeth, where you're supposed to do it; he mostly removed enamel near the gum, where you're not!

    SO... this is a huge mess. And I am VERY hesitant to demand that he fix it--because it sure doesn't seem like he knows what he's doing. He may just make it even worse!

    In desperation, I went to a "regular" ortho (who really did go to school, I checked) and asked him to please fix this mess. He charged me for a visit and then refused to do it, without explaining anything coherent; he said "any dentist can do that," and sort of suggested he's too important to bother--but I couldn't tell if he actually had a real, substantive reason for saying no, or was just being a jerk. Based on my experience here, both seem equally possible.

    Has anybody ever gone to an ortho and said, "please reshape and polish this tooth, to eliminate black holes"? Or is this somehow an unreasonable request? Also, is it true that ANY regular dentist can strip enamel, reshape teeth, and create space? That didn't sound right to me.

    What do you suggest that I do? (Short of moving to another country, I mean.) Thank you! I was never, ever homesick until this happened...
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    How long has it been since you've had the IPR? I know that when your teeth are overcrowded, the gums conform to the incorrect position of the teeth. When they're moved in to place, it can create the "black triangles" between teeth. However, I'm not an expert and I'm not able to say whether your original ortho did the IPR incorrectly or not.
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    Any dentist can do IPR so that is correct.

    The orthodontist probably charged you for time for the consultation. He probably looked at your teeth and realized that fixing the problem requires more than just reshaping them. It will likely require orthodontic treatment and possible perio work beyond what you seem willing to and/or have pursued. In this sense, as it is not possible to satisfy your request to correct your concerns with teeth reshaping, it is completely reasonable that the orthodontist refused to provide treatment.
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