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  1. Getting Braces Soon?

    Okay, so, hi! I'm supposed to be getting braces probably sometime during sixth grade, (which is next school year) and since I stumbled across a couple of videos in YouTube from CinnamonToastKen, I got reminded of braces. First, I'm supposed to have an expander for 4 months, (from what my mother told me) and then I'm supposed to get braces for about two years. I'm super eager and excited to get braces, however I heard they hurt very badly. So, I wanted to ask everyone who had braces on their tips to ease pain and everything you need to have knowledge of!

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    Hey!!! Braces can take some practice when you first get them. But don't worry; it's not hard, it's just a case of doing things a little differently from pre-brace times.
    First of all, Don't be too freaked out by the thought of braces
    and Expect the braces to feel odd.
    Brush your teeth and the braces twice a day.
    Stick to foods that require little to no chewing once you first get braces
    Ask your orthodontist for cool rubber band colors to put on your brackets.
    and at last, Don't be ashamed of your braces.
    Good Luck
    Remember, Dentistry is not Expensive...Neglect is!!!!===>DentistsinMobileAl



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